Family Solidarity


Intergenerational relations

  • Interview

    Living with three generations sounds like a good idea. But is it? Read it in this (Dutch) interview.

    Laura Thonne
  • Interview and podcast

    In recent decades, the role of older adults as carers of grandchildren has increasingly gained attention. Listen to the podcast via de Correspondent.

  • Interview

    How physical are we with our parents? Read it in this (Dutch) interview on Eva Jinek's platform.

    Xavier Mouton


  • Podcast

    Listen to the myths around loneliness via this podcast. 

  • Interview

    Loneliness is a complex problem with many causes and faces. Combating loneliness, therefore, requires a bespoke approach.  Read the (Dutch) interviews on Voosternieuws or on Zo Dus.

    Zhivko Minkov
  • Interview

    Loneliness levels among Moroccan and Turkish elderly tend to be alarmingly high. Both general and migrant-specific risk factors are responsible. Tackling their loneliness with tailor-made interventions is badly needed. Read the (Dutch) interview on KIS or Beter Oud.

    Tolga Ahmetler
  • Interview

    Most loneliness interventions aim to bring people together. But making new contacts is not the solution for everyone. Resilience, and putting matters into perspective can also help prevent or counteract loneliness. Read the (Dutch) interview here.

Migrant families

  • Short article

    What is known about the growing group of seniors who leave the Netherlands around the age retirement? Read it in this article.

    Blair Fraser
  • Interview 

    The group of older migrants is diversifying and ageing. Many research questions need yet to be answered. Read the (Dutch) interview on KIS or Zorgsaamwonen.

  • Talkshow 

    Is the Netherlands overlooking older people with a migrant background? On the well-being, loneliness and different care needs of the growing group of non-western people over 55. Watch the talkshow. 

  • Short article

    Former guest workers from Morocco and Turkey deserve our attention to enable to live in dignity in old age. It is time to nuance the dominant view of migrant seniors as victims. Read the (Dutch) articles on Sociale vraagstukken, Demos or Zorgwelzijn.

    Rachel Martin
  • TV

    With the increase in the number of migrant seniors, the demand for multicultural residential groups, day-care facilities and nursing homes is rising. Limburg was the last province to build a culture-specific care home. Watch it via EenVandaag.

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