Global Social Challenges

Population and Society
John Cameron

Why this research?

At the heart of some of the most pressing global challenges lies the size, structure, and dynamics of human populations. Populations are constantly changing. For example, due to fluctuations in the number of births, deaths, and migration. Scientists, policymakers, companies, and civil society organizations have to deal with the dynamics of this population on the one hand and social and behavioural phenomena (such as poverty, health, environment, economy and technology) on the other.

What does the research involve?

We use research data to gain insight into how the population is developing. The data on, for example, aging, migration, fertility and family change, global health, and the changing global marketplace is essential for making good policies and business decisions in today's societies.

Advanced research methods and techniques

More and more population data is available. In order to process, analyze, and interpret these data properly, population researchers use advanced social scientific research methods and statistical techniques.

Research questions

• What is the impact of urbanisation on humankind and our planet?

• How can we prevent mothers from dying in childbirth?

• How does migration (re)shape politics?

• What will local, regional, and national population groups look like in fifty years time?

• How can we best tackle epidemics and pandemics?

• How can we live longer, healthier, and happier lives?

• How can we find a better balance between work and other aspects of life?

• How can we understand the increasing amount of data collected on human populations in order to make more informed policies and business decisions?

dr. Jennifer Holland

“Understanding how the population develops is essential for making good policies and business decisions in today's societies.”

Read the interview with dr. Jennifer Holland about her research area

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