Movez Lab


Why this research?

Online social networks such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat offer unprecedented technological possibilities to promote a healthy lifestyle among young people. For example, through influencers in their online network. With our research, we want to make online health campaigns more effective while safeguarding young people's digital privacy.

What does our research yield?

SocialMovez investigates how health campaigns for young people can be spread more effectively through peer influencers in online social networks. We focus on promoting healthy behaviors such as physical activity or healthy eating habits. In our research we aim to identify peer influencers in young people's online social networks and motivate them to engage in the health campaign.

  • What is our approach?

    We use innovative technologies in the field of data analysis to optimize online (health) campaigns without compromising the privacy of young people. We co-create our campaign messages and strategies with young people, parents, and health professionals.

  • Kristen Bevelander (Radboud UMC)
  • William Burk (Radboud University)
  • Michel Klein (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Christian Steglich (University of Groningen)
  • Rebecca de Leeuw (Radboud University)
  • Tyler Prochnow (Baylor University)
  • Ruth Hunter (Queen’s University Belfast)
  • Simon Sebire (University of Bristol)
  • Dutch Young Consumers Network 

This project line is funded by the  NWO-VICI (2019) grant and, previously, an ERC Consolidator (2014-2019) grant, both awarded to Moniek Buijzen.

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