Movez Lab


Why this research?

Young people are extensively using digital media technologies. This provides a unique opportunity to apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) for empowering smart, healthy and happy young media users.

What does our research yield?

Our research investigates how to apply AI and data science techniques on rich and diverse datasets to understand the complexities of communication and predict human behaviours. Simultaneously, we aim to develop AI-powered digital interventions that assist young media users in obtaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle and living environment.

  • What is our approach?

    We follow an Augmented Humanity approach with society and individual citizens at a centre stage. We focus on human-centred AI, emphasising fairness, transparency and explainability. Privacy and security are the main building blocks in our AI designs.

    We are currently working on Planet Rock: a project where urban youth in super-diverse neighbourhoods join forces to improve their lifestyle and living environment with the help of AI.

  • Michel Klein (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
  • Mai Chin A Paw (Amsterdam UMC)
  • Wessel Kraaij (Universiteit Leiden)

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