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Why this research?

Young people grow up in a world where computers, tablets and smartphones are omnipresent. These digital media technologies offer important opportunities in the fields of entertainment, education, communication and cultural development. This being said, there are also risks involved that can affect their well-being and safety.

What does our research yield?

Our research highlights the ways in which young people can take full advantage of the opportunities that digital media provides. Simultaneously, we emphasize how youth can cope with the potential risks of digital media use. Education to promote media literacy is indispensable for this. 

MediaMovez helps in the development of effective media literacy education programs. Through research, we can contribute by developing education programs that help children interact with digital media in a more autonomous, safe and responsible way.

  • What is our approach?

    MediaMovez uses a media empowerment approach. This approach aims to strengthen the skills that young people need to use digital media independently and in a media-smart way.

  • Eva van Reijmersdal (University of Amsterdam)
  • Matt Lapierre (University of Arizona)
  • Sophie Boerman (University of Amsterdam)
  • Liselot Hudders (Universitu of Gent)
  • Dutch Young Consumers Network
  • MediaMovez is affiliated with the National Academy of Media and Society. This institute wants to encourage young people to make use of media in a positive way. To name one of their methods, they promote positive media use by offering various media education programs such as the “National Media Passport” Project.

NWO- Vidi grant (2020), awarded to Esther Rozendaal

NWO-Veni grant (2015-2019), awarded to Esther Rozendaal

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