Movez Lab

Empowering generation next: Toward smart, healthy, and happy media users

Can everyday media use help young people live a healthy and happy life, now and in the future? How can the use of media help us take care of ourselves, others, future generations and the planet? Leading with these questions, we investigate the value of digital media technology.

Our research projects

In our research group, there are different projects. In the SocialMovez project, we aim to stimulate positive behaviour of young people using their online social networks. For this, we use innovative data-analytic technologies, while maintaining privacy and ownership of their data. Second is the MediaMovez project where we investigate how young people can be empowered to use digital media in a safe and responsible manner (e.g., through media-education in schools). With AiMovez we investigate the potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven digital interventions for empowering healthy and sustainable lifestyles among youth.

The MyMovez research project: part of SocialMovez

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SocialMovez researches how online health campaigns can be spread more effectively.


MediaMovez helps in the development of effective media literacy education programs.


AiMovez applies AI to empower smart, healthy and happy young media users.

Research, education and society: a blended science approach

The Movez Lab connects research, education and society, resulting in a blended science approach. Through our research, we strive to answer questions that concern different societal groups.

Interdisciplinary team science

We collaborate with scientists from different disciplines, such as social sciences, health sciences, computer sciences and law.


We aim for a fully engaged research team in cooperation with relevant groups. With youth being at the top of this list.


Whether it concerns a speech, essay or thesis: we are willing to cooperate with pupils and students of all ages and school levels!

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