Endowed chairs

Current facets (Pre-Master)

Endowed chairEndowed chair established byResearcher

Public administration, in particular new ways of the ability to organise in the public sector.

Vereniging Trustfonds EURdr. A. van Buuren

Productivity in the public sector


dr. J.L.T. Blank

Technology and society

Vereniging Trustfonds EUR

dr. D.W.J. Broeders

Integration and migration

Sociaal en Cultureel Planbureau

dr. J. Dagevos

Urban Statistics

Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek (CBS)

dr. Marjolijn Das

Health psychology

Vereniging Trustfonds EUR

dr. S. Denktas

Governance and global developmentVereniging Trustfonds EURdr. A.G. Dijkstra

Public Administration, in particular Governance and the institutional dynamic of modern social welfare states


dr. M. Fenger

Sustainable mobility, in particular governance aspects

Vereniging Trustfonds EUR

dr. H. Geerlings

Clinical psychology, mental health

Parnassia Groep

dr. C. van der Heiden

Cognitive and motivation in stress and inspiration

Vereniging Trustfonds EURdr. D. van der Linden

Socio-economic transitions: science and practice

Vereniging Trustfonds EUR

dr. D.A. Loorbach

Cognitive and mental representative

Vereniging Trustfonds EURdr. D. Pecher

Legal psychology

Vereniging Trustfonds EUR

dr. E.G.C. Rassin

Sociological theory

Vereniging Trustfonds EURdr. W. Schinkel

Public administration, in particular Dynamic of Migration and Diversity Policy

Vereniging Trustfonds EURdr. Peter Scholten

Didactics, in particular diversity and education

Vereniging Trustfonds EUR

dr. S.E. Severiens

Psychological Education

Vereniging Trustfonds EUR

dr. Guus Smeets

Public administration, in particular Strategy and Future

NSOBdr. M. van der Steen
Intergenerational transmission of domestic violenceVerwey-Jonker Instituut

dr. M. Steketee

IT and strategic innovation in the public sector

PBLQdr. M. Thaens
Clinical psychology in particular biological aspects of psychopathologyVereniging Trustfonds EUR

dr.ir. M.J. Wieser