Study Progress Monitoring

Are you an exchange student? Exchange students who stay in the Netherlands for only a short period of time (a year or less) are exempted from the study progress monitoring.

Are you a current or new international non-EU/EEA student, residing in the Netherlands with a residence permit for study purposes? Then we are obliged to monitor your study progress.

Why is this relevant?

The study progress monitoring may influence your eligibility for a student residence permit.

This because the Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) must report to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) in case you obtain less than 50% of the required ECTS during the academic year (1 September – 31 August), and no valid exceptional personal circumstances have been reported.

More information can be found on the website of the IND

Obtained less than 50%? The IND will then proceed to revoke your residence permit.

If your residence permit is revoked:

  • You won’t be allowed to continue in another EUR programme;
  • You can however switch to another study programme at another educational institution in the Netherlands - if you are unconditionally admitted to that programme.

If you're doing a pre-master or preparatory year programme, you need to obtain ALL ECTS of the pre-master programme by 1 September.

The specifics:

How does this 50% requirement affect your study programme?

You have to obtain at least 50% of the required number of ECTS every academic year. Examples*:

  • You're doing a bachelor programme of 60 ECTS per year (with a duration of three years).
    • You need to obtain at least 30 ECTS per year to fulfill the requirements. 
      Please note: you need to obtain all 60 ECTS to fulfil the requirements of the Binding Study Advice (BSA) at EUR!
  • You're doing a one-year master programme of 60 ECTS.
    • You need to have obtained at least 30 ECTS by 1 September.
  • A research master programme of 60 ECTS per year (with a duration of two years).
    • You need to have obtained at least 30 ECTS by 1 September.

* ECTS obtained in (extra) electives are included in the calculations. If you are enrolled in two study programmes, the credits obtained for both programmes may be combined to meet the 50% requirement. 

In the case of exceptional personal circumstances, the insufficient study results might be overlooked. If this applies to your situation, then please:

It is your own responsibility to keep track of your study results. Therefore, make sure to:

  • Keep an eye on your results in Osiris during the academic year.
  • Be sure to contact the ESSC immediately if not all of your credits are (accurately) registered in Osiris.
    • This includes ECTS that you may have obtained for courses you completed abroad!

If you haven’t met the 50% ECTS requirement over the academic year, in autumn you will receive an official letter regarding EUR’s intention to deregister you at the IND due to insufficient study progress.

This letter will explain the consequences and provides information on the possibilities for submitting an appeal if you feel the details provided in the letter are incorrect. 

Binding study advice (first-year bachelor students only)

EUR uses a binding study advice (BSA) system for all bachelor programmes. The BSA requirement gets priority over the 50% requirement of the study progress monitoring policy. So make sure you know what this entails! 

More information and contact

If you have any questions concerning the information above, please feel free to reach out.


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Due to Dutch migration policy, all non-EU/EEA students residing in the Netherlands with a residence permit for study purposes (with the exception of exchange students who stay in the Netherlands for a only a year or less), have to obtain at least 50% of the required number of ECTS every academic year. In case the 50% hasn’t been met, your permit might be revoked.

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