EUC Scholarship

The EUC Scholarship is meant for highly qualified students from any country who can prove that they require financial aid to be able to study at EUC.

Scholarship amount

The scholarship amounts to a minimum of € 1.000 and a maximum of € 6.000 per year depending on the number of applications that we receive. EUC reserves the right to determine the amount awarded within these parameters. The scholarship will be awarded as a tuition fee waiver; there will be no transfer of fund.

Application criteria

  • You have applied for the Liberal Arts & Sciences Bachelor programme at EUC for the academic year 2024-2025.
  • You lack sufficient financial means to fund your studies.
  • You are able to provide the Scholarship Committee with specific information regarding your financial situation.

How to apply

To apply for the EUC Scholarship you have to submit your application for the Liberal Arts & Sciences Bachelor programme by the regular application deadline (15 January 2024) or by the late application deadline (1 May 2024). During the application process, you will be asked to submit your application for the EUC Scholarship. The application deadline for the EUC Scholarship is 1 May 2024. You will be informed about the decision of the Scholarship Committee by 1 June 2024.

Scholarship conditions

Grantees are at all times expected to inform the Scholarship Committee about substantial improvements in their financial situation. Scholarships can then be adjusted in value or withdrawn and made available to another eligible applicant.

Grantees agree to assist EUC’s Marketing & Recruitment team in the role of Ambassador with promotional and support activities during the academic year.

An EUC Scholarship can only be granted if you enroll in the Liberal Arts & Sciences Bachelor programme. Formally, an EUC Scholarship is, therefore, granted under the condition of enrollment at EUC. Grantees are strongly advised to adhere to the deadlines set by EUC for accepting the offer of admission and taking all administrative steps to finalize their enrollment. Failure to do so might cause EUC to revoke the EUC Scholarship, which can then be made available to another eligible applicant.

Grantees will in principle be eligible for a tuition fee waiver during three years of studies at EUC. EUC, however, reserves the right to revoke or reduce a tuition fee waiver in case a grantee falls out of good academic standing (e.g. by failing the MLA requirement while not adhering to the required study plan) and/or good social standing (e.g. by misconduct).

Grantees are furthermore required to remain enrolled at EUC to keep their scholarship. When a grantee prematurely unenrolls, for whatever reason, the scholarship will be recalculated (e.g. unenrolling six months early in an academic year would reduce the tuition fee waiver for that academic year by 50%).

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