Rotterdam Talent Scholarship

Highly qualified, Dutch students with a clear financial need who live in Rotterdam or attend secondary school in Rotterdam are eligible to apply for the Erasmus University College (EUC) Rotterdam Talent Scholarship (ROTAS). The EUC Rotterdam Talent Scholarship is awarded for the duration of the bachelor programme, with a maximum of three years. Only newly admitted students of EUC can apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship applicants need to make a strong case to be considered for this scholarship. Applicants will be asked for additional documentation to support their request for financial assistance. Students are expected to make optimal use of the financial support available from the Dutch state (supplementary grant, or ‘aanvullende beurs’) if they want to be considered for this scholarship.

Scholarship Amount

This scholarship is tailored to fully cover the tuition fee, housing costs (approximately €635 per month) and expenses for books and study materials.

Application Criteria

  • You currently live within the municipality of Rotterdam or you are completing (or have completed) your secondary education within the municipality of Rotterdam;
  • You have applied for the bachelor’s programme Liberal Arts & Sciences at Erasmus University College for 2019-2020;
  • You meet the application criteria to study at EUC;
  • You lack sufficient financial means to pay for your study at EUC;
  • You are able to provide ROTAS with specific information concerning your financial situation;


Students can apply for the ROTAS Scholarship from the moment they have been accepted to EUC until 16 June 2019.

How to Apply

You can apply for the Erasmus University College - Rotterdam Talent Scholarship by taking the following steps:

  1. Complete your application for Erasmus University College by following the regular procedure, honoring the application deadline (1 December 2018 or 15 April 2019).
  2. Complete the ROTAS application form and email it to the Scholarship Committee: before 16 June 2019.
  3. Students who are considered eligible for the scholarship will be invited for an interview with the ROTAS selection committee.

Scholarship Conditions

Students who receive a scholarship are at all times expected to inform the Scholarship Committee about substantial improvements of their financial situation. Scholarships can then be decreased in value or withdrawn and spent on other students in need.

Grantees agree to assist EUC’s Marketing, Recruitment, Admission & Integration team in the role of Ambassador with promotional and support activities for approximately 8 hours per month during the academic year.

Confidential advisors

ROTAS makes every effort to implement its program with integrity. If you have, nevertheless, experienced an undesirable situation, have a question, or would like to comment on the processes within ROTAS, we ask you to contact one or both of the board members appointed as confidential advisors:

- Hidde Verkade (chairman of the board at STORT, Program Manager SDVB):

- Gera Noordzij (member of the board at STORT, Head of Department at EUC):