Rotterdam Talent Scholarship

Full scholarship for Rotterdam students

The Rotterdam Talent Scholarship (ROTAS) is tailored for Rotterdam students aiming to study at Erasmus University College (EUC) but facing financial obstacles. This scholarship is here to empower talented and ambitious individuals who lack the financial resources. With ROTAS you can obtain a university Bachelor, without worrying about finances.

This scholarship is tailored to fully cover the tuition fee, housing costs (approximately €700 per month) and expenses for books and study materials.

To receive the ROTAS grant, meant there was one less thing to worry about. You are not any different from the rest of the students, you only receive financial support in order to study. You are in contact with the ROTAS team from the beginning, which helps with many other things. You also meet other ROTAS grantees in advance and don’t feel alone the first day of university.

Who is the The Rotterdam Talent Scholarship for?

•    You currently live within the municipality of Rotterdam (Rotterdam, Hoek van Holland, Hoogvliet & Rozenburg) or you are completing (or have completed) your secondary education within the municipality of Rotterdam (Rotterdam, Hoek van Holland, Hoogvliet & Rozenburg);
•    You have applied for the bachelor’s programme Liberal Arts & Sciences at Erasmus University College for 2024-2025;
•    You meet the application criteria to study at EUC;
•    You lack sufficient financial means to pay for your study at EUC;
•    You are able to provide ROTAS with specific information concerning your financial situation;
When to apply?
Students can apply for the ROTAS Scholarship from the moment they have been accepted to EUC. We advise you to do so within two weeks after acceptance. Latest ROTAS application date is 13 June 2024. 

When to apply?

Students can apply for the ROTAS Scholarship from the moment they have been accepted to EUC. We advise you to do so within two weeks after acceptance. Latest ROTAS application date is 13 June 2024. 

How to apply for The Rotterdam Talent Scholarship?

You can apply for the Erasmus University College - Rotterdam Talent Scholarship by taking the following steps:

  1. Complete your application for Erasmus University College by following the regular procedure, honoring the application deadline.
  2. Complete the ROTAS application form here as soon as being accepted by EUC and sent the form to
  3. Students who are considered eligible for the scholarship will be invited for an interview at the Stichting ter Ondersteuning van Rotterdamse Talenten (STORT) to further elaborate on their application.
  4. Within a week after the interview you will be notified regarding the scholarship award decisions.

Scholarship Guidelines:

•    Students are expected to make optimal use of the financial support available from the Dutch state (supplementary grant, or ‘aanvullende beurs’) if they want to be considered for this scholarship.
•    Scholarship recipients must promptly update the Committee about significant financial changes. Failure to do so may affect the scholarship value or allocation to other needy students.
•    Grantees agree to support EUC's Marketing & Recruitment throughout the academic year.

Confidential advisors

ROTAS makes every effort to implement its programme with integrity. If you have, nevertheless, experienced an undesirable situation, have a question, or would like to comment on the processes within ROTAS, we ask you to contact one or both of the board members appointed as confidential advisors:

- Hidde Verkade (chairman of the board at STORT, Programme Manager Stichting De Verre Bergen):

- Gera Noordzij (member of the board at STORT, Head of Department at EUC):

Cost overview 2024-2025 with ROTAS

Expense type

Amount per year

Amount for ROTAS scholarship students

Tuition fee
  • € 5.100 for first-year Dutch and EU/EEA students*
  • +/- € 5.100 for second- and third-year Dutch and EU/EEA students
  • +/- € 14.500 for non EU/EEA students

€ 0

Tuition fees are covered by the scholarship


+/- € 9.060**

€ 0****

Insurance€ 660 (based on € 55 monthly fees)€ 660 (based on € 55 monthly fees)

Daily expenses

+/- € 4.200 (food, drinks, clothes, going out, public transport, etc. - based on an estimate of € 350 per month)

+/- € 4.200
Study materials
  • Laptop: approx. € 750 (first-year students only, if not owned already)
  • Books: approx. € 250 (first-year students: most books for the Academic Core are provided by EUC)
  • Books: approx. € 1000 per year***(second- and third-year students)
  • Other study-related costs (e.g. printing costs, posters): approx. € 100 per year
€ 0*****

EUCSA membership fee

€ 50,29

€ 50,29

**Students might be eligible for rent benefit (huurtoeslag) from the Dutch government. This would effectively reduce annual costs by approximately € 2.200. For more information visit (switch to English at the bottom of the page and search for 'rent benefit' and select the first available option). Additionally, take into account monthly municipal taxes that have to be paid by every Rotterdam citizen. They amount to approximately € 45,-.

***Prices are quoted for purchasing new books, second hand books are usually cheaper. Note: the stated amounts should be considered averages and may vary depending on the courses you take.

****First-year housing at LUCIA is covered by the ROTAS scholarship. For the second- and third-year students a monthly compensation of € 525,- is provided for their housing costs.

*****Students get a maximum compensation of € 1.000,- for buying a laptop at the beginning of the studies, and € 200 yearly for buying books and other study-related materials.

Please note: These tuition fees can be subject to change. The numbers you see in the table are an indication. Prior to the start of the academic year, tuition fees may be modified by the Dutch government. Erasmus University Rotterdam reserves the right to make changes affecting policies, fees, curricula, or any other matter announced in this publication without further notice.

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