A Minor is more. It is a fun way to expand your knowledge and skills via an extended course in your third year. A minor can be selected to broaden knowledge, by choosing a minor outside of your major, or it can be used to specialise within your field of study.

Minors are not mandatory for all students, but may be part of the requirements for a specific track or Major. In any case, a minor is a great way to broaden your scope. There are a few ways for students to follow a minor:

  • Choose from EUC minors. A few examples of minors offered by EUC (30 EC):
    • Political Science & International Relations
    • Biomedicine
    • Visual Cultures & Media Literacy
    • Biological Aspects of Global Health
  • Choose from more than 50 minors offered by Erasmus University (15 EC), for example:
    • Quality of Life and Happiness Economics
    • Think Green: Ecological and Economic Perspectives for a Sustainable Environment
    • Re-imagining Tomorrow through Arts & Sciences
  • Choose from minors offered by Leiden or Delft University.

Not interested in a minor? Consider other off-campus courses, for example via Study Abroad, or start ahead with a research project or an internship that you can use for your Capstone.