EUR cancels all on-campus education and exams

Today, the government has taken new measures regarding the coronavirus. This has far reaching consequences for our work and our education. For example, it has been decided that on-campus education and on-campus exams are no longer allowed from now until the first of April. The campus will remain open.

Please visit for the most current information on the coronavirus and Erasmus University Rotterdam.

New measures

In response to new government measures, EUR has adopted the following policy:

  • The government recommends we use distance education only. For EUR, this means that we will use online education as much as possible. All on-campus education and on-campus exams will therefore be canceled from 13 March until at least 31 March.
  • Events with more than 100 people, such as fairs, concerts and sports competitions, must be cancelled throughout the Netherlands, the Prime Minister announced today. EUR complies with this rule, which means that all meetings with more than 100 people are not allowed.
  • Furthermore, the government advises everyone with mild symptoms to stay at home. We follow this advice. Do you have mild symptoms? Stay at home. Do you have more serious symptoms? Stay at home, report ill and then contact your doctor.
  • The campus will remain open for students, however we advise you to study at home and to stay away from campus.
  • The government also recommends employees to work from home as much as possible, or to spread working hours. EUR employees need to discuss the possibilities with their managers. It is up to managers and associates to decide what is best for each team, for example working in shifts, etc.
  • Do not travel abroad. International exchange students who wish to return to their home university early are advised to contact their exchange officer.
  • Do not travel abroad on a business trip. Is this inevitable? Discuss this with your manager.

Extraordinary circumstances

The Executive Board understands that the corona measures require a lot of effort from you as employees and students, and that this may lead to unrest or uncertainty. Please talk with your manager or study advisor to see how you can keep doing your job. We recognise that an extra effort is required from you. We greatly appreciate everyone's involvement and commitment.

For our part, we will remove as much ambiguity as possible by communicating in a timely and regular manner. We follow the guidelines of the government and RIVM regarding health information. Our crisis team will check every day what additional measures we consider necessary. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Please let us know!

Other HR matters

Discuss any questions you have with your immediate supervisor. He/she will be kept informed about the most recent HR developments regarding the coronavirus. Also keep an eye on our website, as the FAQs are regularly updated.

Other student affairs

Keep an eye on the website , the FAQs are regularly updated. You can also contact the Service Desk via: (010) 408 88 80 or the contact form.

Please note that we cannot answer all questions in the short term. The impact of the measures mentioned must be processed, and this takes time.