Binding Study Advice

To make sure that your studies at Erasmus University College are on the right track and keep on running smoothly, we use a Binding Study Advice. Part of the Binding Study Advice system is that you are required to achieve a full study load of 60 credits (ECs) by the end of your first year of enrolment.

To help you keep on track we will provide you with an interim Binding Study Advice at the following intervals:

  1. after the examinations in the second quad of your first semester;
  2. after the examinations in the first quad of your second semester. 

If your results are not up to par, you will be required to meet with your Student Counsellor to discuss your study results, your study habits and any other circumstances that may be affecting your ability to excel.

At the end of your first year, if you did not achieve the full study load and if there are no mitigating personal circumstances, you will receive a negative binding study advice. In that case, you cannot re-enrol for your second year of studies and thus you will have to leave Erasmus University College.