Student Counsellor

At EUC, Student Counsellors guide and advise students with regards to curriculum choices and study progress; the Student Counsellor is the first point of contact for an EUC student who wishes to discuss matters of an academic or personal nature. A Student Counsellor is dedicated to each new Class of students, which means that you will have the same Student Counsellor throughout your academic career at EUC. 

Every student has the opportunity to meet with their Student Counsellor by booking an appointment via intranet or attending walk-in hours. The Student Counsellors also organize group meetings and presentations, on a wide range of topics ranging from how to choose your Major to effective time management. Last but not least, the Student Counsellor is there for you in case of personal circumstances that impact your studies at EUC, with both a listening ear, sound advice and the ability to guide you to more specific support when needed.

We teach and expect our students to be IPP (Informed, Prepared, and Proactive), therefore they are responsible for booking an appointment with their Student Counsellor when in need.

Counselling is confidential. Information obtained during counselling sessions will not be disclosed to any outside persons (including parents) without your written permission, except when required by law (e.g., when there is reasonable suspicion that you might be a threat to yourself and/or others).

Meet our student counsellors: