Lambers Student Excellence Award

The Lambers Student Excellence Award will be presented to an excellent student who has performed exceptionally well in her or his study career. 

What can you win?

The Lambers Student Excellence Award contains a monetary value of € 3,500 plus an ARK-medal and a certificate of appreciation (signed by both the Rector Magnificus and the chairman of the Erasmus Trustfonds). The money prize is to be spent on courses, workshops, congresses or trainings (nationally and internationally), or a study period abroad. The award ceremony will take place at the opening of the new Academic Year


Students eligible for the award have shown excellent study results with the completion of 2 masters programmes or have shown excellent study results and research qualities during the research masters programme. Students who wish to compete for the prize can make themselves known through their faculty. Students can either be selected based on:

Study achievements

• two Master degrees, including one with distinction cum laude;
• the two Master degrees are obtained within two different disciplines, with the most recent degree earned at Erasmus University Rotterdam;
• both Master degrees should be obtained in the last 3 years and the deadline for submission of the nomination. On the day of the deadline, either the studies need to be finished or the graduation date is planned by the examination board (in this case, a letter of the examination board needs to be added to the nomination).

Outstanding study achievements and research qualities in a research masters programme

• the student is enrolled in a research master, or he/she has earned their masters degree in the academic year 2020-2021 at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Nominations must be done by sending one PDF-file per candidate to
The deadline to do so is Monday, 17 May 2021.


The jury consists of five members:

  • the Rector Magnificus (chairman);
  • two professors;
  • two students of the University Council.