Research Prize

Prize winners Research Prize 2023

The Research Prize is awarded to a promising researcher who obtained her/his doctorate degree within the last three years, or a research group, at Erasmus University Rotterdam that has performed exceptional research at our university.

About the Research Prize

The prize confers a monetary value of € 7,000 as well as a certificate of appreciation. This certificate is signed by both the Rector Magnificus and the chairman of the Erasmus Trustfonds. The prize winner is free to decide how she or he wishes to spend the money.

Candidates for the Research Prize can be nominated to the Executive Board by the permanent committee for scientific practice and by the research schools and research institutes. Candidates for the Research prize are assessed based on the following criteria:

  • curriculum vitae of the candidate or main researcher of the group;
  • the contribution to the visibility of the EUR;
  • the innovative approach to research;
  • the degree to which the innovative ideas are applicable and useful for other research areas;
  • the degree to which the innovative ideas leverage impact in society at large.

All nominations should be addressed to the Executive Board and submitted digitally as a single pdf to The deadline for submission is Monday 3 June 2024 12h (noon).

The jury consists of five members:

  • Rector Magnificus (chairman);
  • three professors;
  • last year's winner of the Research Prize.

2023: Criminology research group: prof. Liselot Bisschop, dr. Robby Roks, prof. Karin van Wingerde en prof. Richard Staring

2022: dr. Michelle Achterberg

2021: dr. Tina van der Vlies

2020: dr. Julian Schaap & dr. Simone Dalm

2019: dr. Carlos Riumallo Herl

2018: dr. Daphne van de Bongardt

2017: dr. Sanne Opree

2016: dr. Niels Rietveld

2015: dr. Veerle Bergink

2014: prof.dr. Jacco van Sterkenburg

2013: dr. L.G. Tummers

2012: prof.dr. Martijn Burger

2011: dr. Arfan Ikram


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