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  • dr. (Michelle) M Achterberg

    dr. (Michelle) M Achterberg

    Dr. Michelle Achterberg is a postdoctoral researcher in the SYNC-lab and is interested in social emotional development. In her studies, she focusses on the…
  • (Marieke) MD Adank

    (Marieke) MD Adank

  • dr. (Adria) A Albareda Sanz

    dr. (Adria) A Albareda Sanz

  • dr. (Marta) M Andreatta

    dr. (Marta) M Andreatta

    Goal of my research is to contribute understanding the underlying mechanisms as well as the risk factors involved in the etiology and maintenance of psychiatric…
  • (Marios) M Andriotis-Konstantios

    (Marios) M Andriotis-Konstantios

  • prof.dr. (Lidia) LR Arends

    prof.dr. (Lidia) LR Arends

  • (John Milton) JM Asprilla Echeverria, MSc

    (John Milton) JM Asprilla Echeverria, MSc

  • mr.dr. (Jacko) JA van Ast

    mr.dr. (Jacko) JA van Ast

    Jacko A. van Ast is researcher at the Department of Public Administration with a special focus on institutional and legal aspects of international water…
  • dr. (Martine) MA Baars

    dr. (Martine) MA Baars

    Martine Baars, PhD, is an assistant professor at the Department of Psychology, Education and Child Studies. Her research concerns instructional strategies to…
  • prof.dr. (Arnold) AB Bakker

    prof.dr. (Arnold) AB Bakker

    Arnold Bakker is professor and chair of the research group Work and Organizational Psychology of the Institute of Psychology at Erasmus University Rotterdam,…

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