prof.dr. (Darren) DA McCauley

prof.dr. (Darren) DA McCauley
Full professor Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences Public Administration
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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Darren McCauley is full professor in the Management of International Social Challenges at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). He is also academic director of the Erasmus Initiative and strategic research pillar Global Social Challenges (GSC). Prof. McCauley co-leads the Port theme of the Convergence Initiative between Erasmus MC, TU Delft and Erasmus as well as acting as sustainability liason for ESSB. His mixed methods research agenda focuses on investigating what a just transition to a low carbon future looks like from a global perspective. This has involved funded empircal research in Sub Saharan Africa, South East Asia, the Russian Arctic, Europe and the US. He works closely with international organisations to co-develop research and ensure maximum impact from his work. This has been made possible by a wide range of external sponsors including (among others) British Academy, ESRC, EPSRC (now RCUK), GCRF, H2020 and Horizon Europe funding programmes, Leverhulme, Dutch Council NWO, UK Energy Research Centre, the Carnegie Trust and the Royal Society of Edinburgh. He is currently coordinating EUR’s role on Horizon projects JUSTNORTH (6.2 million euros) and PROBONO (26.4 million euros). 

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For more information on Prof. McCauley, please see

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