(Kayla) KH Green, MSc


Kayla Green is a PhD candidate in the [SYNC lab][]. Her work focuses on the individual differences in developmental trajectories of behavioural and neural processes related to affect and mood. She is particulary interested in how social environmental factors, like socioeconomic disadvantage, may shape brain development, how these neural changes can either be maladaptive or adaptive, and how this interaction between brain development and social environment contributes to wellbeing. She also examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the wellbeing of young people.

Green is member of the Diversity & Inclusion office, where she works on projects that are aimed at increasing the proportion of underrepresented groups in higher education and improving the success and wellbeing of underrepresented EUR-students.

Green has a background in psychology (Utrecht University, 2015). After obtaining her bachelor degree she continued with the research master Neuroscience & Cognition (2018) and the clinical master Neuropsychology (2017) at Utrecht University. She did her clinical internship at the Neurology and Geriatrics Department of Spijkenisse Medisch Centrum where she also obtained her BAPD (certificate in psychodiagnostics). She has previously worked as a research assistant at the Brain and Development Research Center (Leiden University).

Research interests: brain development - mood - emotional reactivity - neural network - adolescence and young adulthood - wellbeing - risk and resilience - socioeconomic disadvantage   [SYNC lab]: https://erasmus-synclab.nl/

Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences

PhD candidate | Developmental Neuroscience in Society
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • KH (Kayla) Green (2020) - Flux Society (External organisation)

  • SW (Suzanne) van de Groep, EAM (Eveline) Crone, LW (Lysanne) te Brinke, KH (Kayla) Green, LWP (Renske) van der Cruijsen & FQ (Fabienne) van Rossenberg (2022) - NWA Science Communication Grant: Youth participation as a way to deal with a triple crisis
  • Kayla Green (2022) - Faces of Sciences
  • KH (Kayla) Green, LW (Lysanne) te Brinke & LWP (Renske) van der Cruijsen (2021) - Collaborative funding from the RIVM and the Dutch ministry of Health, Welfare, and Sports

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