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Bachelor International Business Administration
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Bachelor International Business Administration

After the bachelor, students can continue their studies with a specialised, one-year Masterprogramme at RSM (www.rsm.nl/master) or abroad.

Master of Science in Business Administration

A Master of Science in Business Administration (MScBA) at RSM builds on your bachelor knowledge to provide you with a stronger platform for a career in management and business. Our MScBA programmes are an excellent preparation for both specialised and more general starting positions, both in the Netherlands and abroad. 

CEMS: acclaimed collaboration

RSM also proudly offers the CEMS international master programme, a joint programme by several leading business schools from Europe and beyond. The programme has a broad remit and requires the mastery of three languages. CEMS was named one of the world’s best business programmes by the Financial Times for six consecutive years.

The list of RSM Master programmes:

Aansluitende masters

  • Master in Accounting & Financial Management: This specialised master examines the role of accounting information in company performance.
  • The MScBA Business Analytics & Management study teaches you to understand, solve and communicate operational, tactical and strategic challenges from data in…
  • Master in Business Information Management: Combining business and IT, this master focuses on using information management to improve business performance.
  • Master in Finance and Investments: Explore decision-making and its implications for finance, investments and financial management: Read more.
  • Master in Global Business and Sustainability: een programma dat de duurzaamheidsuitdagingen waar bedrijven voor staan op een geïntegreerde manier aanpakt.
  • Master in International Management: International education in management skills, international internships and experience of real business projects.
  • Master in Management of Innovation: This programme focuses on what you need to do to generate good ideas and turn them into a commercial success.
  • Master in Marketing Management: Study the marketing process, examine strategies and tactics in a practically oriented, research-driven programme.
  • From 2022, you can enroll in this one-year master programme as an important step towards your career in medical business and innovation.
  • Master in Human Resource Management: Understand the interactions of people for more effective, creative and community-oriented employees: Read more.
  • Sta je te popelen voor een ondernemende baan of wil je je eigen bedrijf starten? Dan is dit de opleiding voor jou.
  • Master in Strategic Management: This programme focuses on analysis, formulation and implementation to formulate business strategy and direction.
  • Master in Supply Chain Management: Finding a competitive edge in business through exploration of logistical concepts and cutting-edge IT knowledge.

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