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How can you work with the two closely related disciplines of issues management and public affairs? What strategies will help you to use them within the…

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A three-day masterclass for developing your awareness of issues management and public affairs at corporate level. These two functions are the windows through which society looks in, observes and frames the corporation. They are also windows through which the corporation looks out onto the outside world, and from this view, construct its understanding of society. You will develop a working knowledge of best practices in the management of issues and public affairs. This will help you to secure the corporation’s ‘societal licence to operate’ and to integrate its market and nonmarket strategies.

You will explore high-profile business case studies, start to benchmark internal routines for global practices, and enrich your toolkit and vocabulary with concepts and practical insights from leading companies.

Learning objectives

In this three-day programme, you will:

  • acquire a working knowledge of several models for identifying and interpreting strategic issues
  • learn how to develop a sustainable issue position
  • work with several strategies for making issues manageable and for orchestrating the firm’s responses to them
  • analyse how government policies affect a firm, and how these policies create both nonmarket opportunities and threats that need to be integrated in the firm’s overall market strategy
  • understand the ways in which firms can interact with policymakers and contribute to shaping the public policies that affect them
  • analyse the plural nature of competition that firms might face in the market and nonmarket contexts such as rival firms, consumers, suppliers, NGOs, social movements, activists and watchdog organisations
  • develop a working knowledge of the tools and methods for designing an adequate nonmarket strategy.

Who should attend?

The masterclass is designed for experienced professionals in corporate communication, public affairs, general management, and consultancy.

This executive-level masterclass offers professionals a highly flexible learning experience that fosters leadership, strategic thinking and corporate responsibility.

Susanna Marco

+31 10 408 2851

This course can also be taken as part of the Part-time Executive Master in Corporate Communication programme. This is a triple accredited executive master programme for experienced professionals, who aspire to boost their career with an executive Master of Science degree.

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This is a programme of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University. For more information about the programme, visit our website: RSM.NL/IMPA 

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