Deepen understanding

After the exploration phase it’s time to go into further depth about a study, to help you gain an idea of the study that really suits you. In principle, after this phase, you’ll be ready to make a final choice.

  • After you have collected a lot of information, you have a small list of preferred programmes left. With the following tests you will further deepen your own competencies and interests. You investigate even more specifically if the programme suits you!

    Which study or profession fits your personality?

  • Thoroughly read the e-study guides of the programme you’re interested in; these can generally be found on most institutes’ websites. These study guides provide a good overview and description of all courses per academic year. Check the master programmes too, so that you also have an idea of the specialisations involved in a programme.

    • Keuzegids: Also, have a look at Keuzegids to help you guide with a bachelor or master programme (the page is only accessible if you are on the EUR network or logged in with VPN),
  • Make sure that you visit the programme Open Days, and certainly visit the in-depth activities. For example, you can follow a day taster session and attend some of the programme lectures. You can of course also pose questions to students and the study advisor of your favourite programme. Print our list of smart questions and take these with you to an Open Day!


  • Talk with people who are working in the area you’re thinking of. What do they do exactly? How did they arrive there?
    Quickly check that you’ve not forgotten anything: go through the study choice checklist.
    Gone into enough detail about the studies? Then it’s probably time for the decision phase

Career test

and Choice of Study Test

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