Pregnant or studying parent

The Erasmus University, Rotterdam Campus

Are you a studying mother? Or do you get pregnant during your studies?
On this page we explain what the university can offer to support you. 

Pregnancy or studying parent

Study advisors and student counsellors.

Students who are pregnant or who have young children can contact the student counsellors as well as the study advisor with questions regarding their study duration or other matters. If you get pregnant during your studies, it is important to make an appointment with the study advisor as quickly as possible. Together with your study advisors you can discuss if an adjustment in your study schedule is possible. 

Daycare and benefits

There is a Partou childcare location on the Woudestein campus. On this page you will find all the information if you are considering registering your baby at this daycare.
The Childcare benefit paid by the Belastingdienst (Tax and Customs Administration). The Belastingdienst  provides extensive information on their website about the conditions and processes regarding the registration and payment of this benefit.
You can also contact DUO for support. You can find more information about the 'single parent supplement' on their website. Here you can read what the criteria are and how the application procedure works (in Dutch).

Finding a healthy balance

It is important to have moments of rest in addition to the hectic life that comes with being a pregnant student or studying parent. The following options are available on campus:

  • For a moment of silence, there are quiet rooms and relaxation areas available. You can find more information on this page
  • There are several breastfeeding rooms on campus. 
  • To find peace in the midst of art, you can go to the Erasmus Gallery. 
  • Erasmus Sport is the right place for rest through exercise or you can sign up for the weekly yoga class on ISS 

For tips and tricks you can visit: (in Dutch)

Financial support 

If there is a study delay due to pregnancy, financial compensation is sometimes possible (Profiling Fund). Make an appointment with the student counselor to discuss the conditions and what is possible for you.

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