What is it like to have a peercoach?

Read Charisa's story here!

Since the beginning of 2020 we started setting up Peer Coaching trajectories. This means that one of our SMF ambassadors coaches another student. Below you can read the experience of Charisa, one of the first students who started a peer coaching trajectory.

"My name is Charisa and I study Educational Sciences (Pedagogische Wetenschappen). I like studying at EUR. However it was, especially in the beginning, very difficult to figure out who to contact for what. I heard about peer coaches from the study advisor and the student counselor. They advised me to sign up for this, because I had some questions regarding my functional impairments. I thought it would be nice to have someone you can talk to when it comes to studying with my functional impairments.

I started with two peer coaches. I discuss my functional impairments with both of them and everything that comes with it. I really like having a peer coach, because sometimes I want to vent about certain things. It is nice to have someone who can provide more insight and a fresh take on it, or just listen to you. I also like that my peer coaches often share their own tips & tricks with me. They have been in my situation before, so they can share from their own experiences. I meet with the peer coaches about once every two weeks, but apart from the physical meeting we usually are in touch weekly.

One of the best experiences was that during a meeting we talked about how I can improve my exams. My peer coach then accompanied me to review my test. We looked at where I made errors and where I could do better. My peer coach gave me tips on how I could improve . This was very useful for me!" 

Do you also want a peercoach? Read more here and send an e-mail to smf@eur.nl

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