Requesting provisions

Are you studying at Erasmus University and do you require extra support because of your functional impairment so you can study successfully? Please indicate this as soon as possible. If you are already aware of your functional impairment, the best course of action is to make this known before commencing with your study programme. If the functional impairment is first diagnosed during your studies, it is important that you contact your study advisor as soon as possible. To request provisions, please use the following step-by-step plan.

Explore which provisions you will need to be able to study effectively. There are two ways you can obtain this information:

  • Take a look at the options for provisions available on our page functional impairments and provisions.  You will find a number of possible provisions here that are available for each functional impairment. You can use this overview as a source of inspiration. If you have specific needs, you can always discuss this with a study advisor. 
  • If you have a complex question, contact a study advisor (by e-mail, telephone or during a session). He or she can provide you with additional information regarding your options for provisions. When you know exactly which provision you will apply for, you can initiate an Osiris Case below.  

IMPORTANT! Are you studying at EUR without previously having requested any provisions? Contact your study advisor to find out which application procedure is the right one in your case. 

  • After going over our website or following your meeting with a study advisor, you now know which provisions to request.
  • You can request provisions through Osiris Case. Always use your e-mail address as your contact address.
  • When you are requesting provisions, you must also upload a medical certificate. It is important that you have this certificate (a digital version) at hand. 
    Depending on the functional impairment, a medical certificate from a doctor, psychologist or special education expert is sufficient.

Once you have submitted your request in Osiris Case, various professionals will commence with processing your request. An overview of the procedure after your request has been submitted can be viewed below.

  • Once your request has been submitted, it will be reviewed by a study advisor, an Educational Office employee or the Examination Board. He or she will check whether the application is complete. If the study advisor believes that the provisions you requested will not help you sufficiently, the can consult with Team Studying With A Functional Impairment (SMF). Team SMF can arrange special provisions if needed. 
  • Is your application incomplete? You will receive a notification in Osiris that you need to provide additional information to complete your application.
  • Is your application complete? Your request will be forwarded along with your medical certificate to the Examination Board.
  • Once the request and medical certificate have been forwarded to the Examination Board, the Examination Board’s official response deadline starts.

  • The Examination Board receives and reviews your request and medical certificate.
  • It will then decide whether you are entitled to the requested provision or provisions.
  • The Examination Board will inform you of its decision through Osiris Case. You will receive a notification sent to your EUR e-mail address stating that the Examination Board’s decision can be viewed in the Osiris Case online environment.
  • The decision will specify the period for which the provisions have been granted.
  • Do you disagree with this decision? Read about your legal position here

When you have been granted provisions (such as for examinations), it is a good idea to read the information below. 

The examination rules as formulated by the Examination Boards can be viewed below.

Sitting for the exam in a separate area
And important provision for sitting for an exam is that the student is given 30 minutes of extra examination time and the exam is conducted in an area separate from the examination venue. The location will be published online through the SIN ‘examination locations’ online channel one day before the examination date.

IMPORTANT: One day before the examination, check the SIN Examination Locations/Exam Channel to verify your registration and to see the exam location where your exam will be held. If your name is not on the list but you feel it should be, call the Department for Exam Administration immediately at 010 4089969.

Because the number of separate areas is limited and because extra provisions have to be arranged (hiring extra invigilators, examinations have to be delivered to the location, lecturer has to be present), participation in an exam in a separate area is only possible under the following conditions:

  1. It must involve an examination where the regular exam is being conducted in the examination hall of the Van der Goot Building (M hall). When you are registered to sit for an exam in a separate area, you are no longer permitted to sit for the exam in the M hall.
  2. Register for examinations and resits through the usual channels before the registration deadlines. An overview of how to register per faculty is provided below. Please take note of the fact that at least 1 week is needed to process the decision.  
  1. You are required to bring a valid identity document to the exam (university-issued student card, driving licence, ID card or passport).
  2. If you elect not to participate in the examination or resit in a regular examination round, you are required to inform the Department for Exam Administration immediately by e-mail: Another student can then use your place instead.

Rules for the separate examination area
Starting in the 2019-2020 academic year, the following applies to all examinations (including regular examinations, digital examinations and PC examinations): Examinations held in a separate area will start at the same time as the regular examination in the M hall (Van der Goot Building). The times are therefore 09:30, 13:30 and 18:30 respectively, and an extra 30 minutes will be granted. This means the examination will end 30 minutes after the end of the regular examination.  The disciplinary rules are identical to the ones that apply to the regular examinations in the M hall. For more information, visit

More information
You can contact the study advisor for your programme if you have any questions about this procedure. Go to Studying with a functional impairment for more information about studying with a functional impairment.

You can find more information on this page dealing with accessibility on campus. A map of various alternative routes for disabled persons will be clearly featured on this page in the near future. 

  • Together with your study advisor, evaluate multiple times whether the provisions offer you sufficient support.
  • Also be sure to keep in mind the duration for which you are permitted to use these provisions. Do you need to request an extension at the end of the academic year?

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