General intake

Our campus is currently closed, but we don't have to cancel our appointments! Therefore our University Psychologist will do their appointments by phone or use an Online Platform to video call you. Please read our instructions in your confirmation e-mail. Do you have any questions? Don't hesitate to contact us at
University Psychologist

In a General intake your problems, symptoms, background and needs will be discussed to decide what further support is appropriate. This can be guidance from university psychologists through participation in a group or a (usually) short individual route or referral for specialized or long-term treatment. 

You can schedule an intake up to 6 weeks in advance. Are there no intake options available? Then all the options for the upcoming 6 weeks have been booked. Every weekday, new intake options become available. If our current waiting time is too long given the severity of your symptoms, please contact your General Practitioner.

Note!  Use your student e-mail for registration. For example: