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Jan van Ours

As a leading labour and health economist, Jan van Ours is at the heart of the research programme of Erasmus Centre for Applied Sports Economics. Jan is Professor of Applied Economics at Erasmus School of Economics and has published a variety of papers on sports in recent years.

For example, he investigated the link between manager dismissals and team performance, the matching of runners and teams based on past performance and the relationship between age and productivity in a sample of non-professional runners.

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Thomas Peeters, assistant professor at Erasmus School of Economics

Thomas Peeters

Thomas Peeters is an assistant professor at the Erasmus School of Economics. Thomas wrote his PhD on competition policy in the professional sports industry, dealing with issues such as Financial Fair Play, collective media rights sales and the tourism impact of sports mega events.

His most recent work investigates matching and the discovery of talent in the labor market of sports managers and the international transfer of managerial know-how in football.

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Stefan Szymanski

Stefan Szymanski is widely considered to be the leading sports economist worldwide. Stefan is professor of Sports Management at the University of Michigan and he has a part-time affiliation to Erasmus School of Economics.

His popularizing books, e.g. Soccernomics with Simon Kuper, and academic writing, e.g. his 2003 paper in the Journal of Economic Literature, are among the most cited work on sports economics.

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Francesco Principe is a postdoctoral researcher at Erasmus School of Economics

Francesco Principe

Francesco Principe is a postdoctoral researcher at Erasmus School of Economics. Francesco is interested in the use of original sport data to address both health and labour market issues.

His most recent work uses traumatic injuries as a source of exogenous variation in professional football players’ health to investigate the effects of health shocks on wages and contracts renegotiation.

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Sam Hoey

Sam Hoey

Sam Hoey is a PhD candidate at Erasmus School of Economics. Sam uses sports data to investigate labour economics questions where relevant data is scarce in other industries.

His current work focusses on the relationship between co-worker joint experience and team performance using data from the National Hockey League.

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