• prof.dr. (Aurelien) A Baillon

    prof.dr. (Aurelien) A Baillon

    Aurelien Baillon is Professor of Economics of Uncertainty, in the Behavioral Economics group.  His work focuses on individual decision making under risk and…
  • prof.dr. (Han) H Bleichrodt

    prof.dr. (Han) H Bleichrodt

    Han Bleichrodt is a professor of behavioural economics at the Erasmus School of Economics. Professor Bleichrodt's research activities focus on decisions under…
  • prof.dr. (Job) NJA van Exel

    prof.dr. (Job) NJA van Exel

    Job van Exel is an associate professor at the institute of Health Policy & Management (iBMG), Erasmus University Rotterdam. He obtained an MSc in Economics…
  • prof.dr. (Kirsten) KIM Rohde

    prof.dr. (Kirsten) KIM Rohde

    Kirsten Rohde is professor of Behavioral Economics at the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE). Her main research interests are time, social, and risk preferences…
  • prof.dr. (Peter) PP Wakker

    prof.dr. (Peter) PP Wakker

    Peter Wakker is professor of decision under uncertainty at Behavioral Econ. of Erasmus School of Econ. (ESE). He works in behavioral economics and on risk…


  • dr. (Chen) C Li

    dr. (Chen) C Li

    Chen Li is an Associate Professor in Behavioural Economics at Erasmus School of Economics. Chen  focuses on decision making under uncertainty and over time. Her…
  • dr. (Jan) JTR Stoop

    dr. (Jan) JTR Stoop

    My research is concerned with the measurement of social preferences of humans. I do this by means of lab experiments where (usually) students are playing a game…
  • dr. (Marine) MFM Hainguerlot

    dr. (Marine) MFM Hainguerlot

    I use behavioral experiments, surveys, and computational models to study people's beliefs. I am interested in both beliefs about ourselves and beliefs about the…
  • dr. (Tong) T Wang

    dr. (Tong) T Wang

PhD candidates

  • mr. (Ahmet Cem) AC Peker

    mr. (Ahmet Cem) AC Peker

    Cem Peker is a PhD candidate at Erasmus School of Economics. Cem holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering and an MPhil / MA in Economics. His research develops…
  • (Merel) MAJ van Hulsen

    (Merel) MAJ van Hulsen

  • (Francesco) F Capozza

    (Francesco) F Capozza

    My name is Francesco Capozza and I am a PhD student in Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam starting from September 2019. I am part of the Behavioral…


  • dr. (Georg) GD Granic

    dr. (Georg) GD Granic

    I am an interdisciplinary researcher and my main research interests lie at the intersection of Economics, Political Science, and Psychology. I strongly believe…

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