EI/PUP lectures

The Econometric and Tinbergen Institute Lectures series is a joint initiative of Princeton University Press, the Econometric Institute at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and the Tinbergen Institute. This series collects the lectures of leading researchers which were given at the Econometric Institute for an audience of academics and PhD students. The lectures have a high academic level and deal with topics that have important policy implications. The series covers a wide range of topics in econometrics. It is not confined to any one area or sub-discipline.

The lectures in 2017 will be delivered by Trevor Hastie (Stanford University)

The 2017 lectures consists of two parts:

  1. Two days of lectures on “Statistical Learning and Data Science” by Trevor Hastie. 
    Date: May 10 and May 11, 2017
    More information: see website at Tinbergen Institute
    Registration is required: see link
  2. Workshop on “Statistical Learning and Econometrics” with invited talks and a keynote lecture by Trevor Hastie
    Date: May 12, 2017
    More information: see workshop website, programme

Information on Previous lectures can be found here.

Series Editors are Philip Hans Franses and Dennis Fok.

Please visit the website of the Econometric and Tinbergen Institute Lectures at Princeton University Press for more information on the lectures in print