Master Class Actuarial Sciences

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The Master Class is meant for students who want to know more about a very interesting and dynamic discipline: actuarial sciences. Actuaries are experts in analysing the past, modelling the future, assessing the risk involved by using mathematical and statistical models and communicating what the results mean in financial terms. In the Master Class the most important aspects of the actuarial profession will be presented by bringing together theory and practice.

What are the benefits for you?

Students attending the Master Class will get familiarized with the complexity of the financial world and will be able to understand this and to form their own opinion. Lectures will be presented by specialists from the Allianz Nederland Group and interesting speakers from other leading organisations. This combination will guarantee quality and independency of the course. Attending the Master Class will reward students with a certificate provided by the Erasmus School of Economics.

Why organise a Master Class Actuarial Sciences?

Through this Master Class the Econometric Institute can offer students a view into the insurance business. For Allianz Nederland Group, contacts with the youngest generation of talents are of great importance. Allianz has broad experience in insurance business and they are willing to share their knowledge but they are also searching for new ideas and insights to stay ahead of competition. They try to achieve this among other things by starting discussions with young talents from the university who are interested in their professional world.


A maximum of six students who distinguish themselves by their participation during the courses will be offered a personal development assessment which will be facilitated by the Allianz Nederland Group. A possibility could be that the assessment will be combined with an internship on a small project or with the complete master thesis.

Start and duration

The Master Class Actuarial Sciences takes place in block 3 of each academic year (Jan-March). The courses will be taught in English.


Registration via Sin-Online, course code FEM61001.

ESE contact

Dr. Andreas Pick

Allianz contact

Drs. Suris Kalloe AAG

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