Frequently Asked Questions

  • The course partly repeats the subjects covered in the (Dutch) secondary school education, but presents them in a way that ties in better with mathematics as taught at the Erasmus School of Economics. The emphasis is on developing the so-called algebraic skills. The course also expands on the subjects covered during secondary school education, with the emphasis being on dealing with functions. The exercises are geared towards tackling problems without using a graphing calculator; students of the Erasmus School of Economics are not permitted to use these devices.

  • No, there is no admission test prior to the Voluntary Summer Course. Each course begins with an initial assessment, containing approximately 30 questions, which is used by ALEKS to determine which parts of the subject you do and do not yet understand. ALEKS uses these results to create an individual course, specifically tailored to your knowledge and understanding. The individual course will begin immediately after the assessment.

  • You can register for the Voluntary Summer Courses from 1 June 2017 until 31 July 2017. Application is in this period possible through the yellow application button on the Voluntary Summer Course homepage (abvailable as of 1 June).

    After applying, you should receive a confirmation email containing your personal access code within three working days.

    Note: We cannot send e-mail to Chinese mail-providers, so do not use e-mail addresses such or We suggest you to sign up for a hotmail or gmail account and use that to apply instead.

  • On average students take about 30 hours to complete the course. However, if you perform exceptionally well on the initial assessment, it might take as short as 9 to 10 hours to finish.

  • Because it is an individual online course, this is totally up to you. You can decide to start and stop the course whenever you want. However, it makes sense not to take the whole course in short, 15-minute sessions, but instead to do it in a few longer sessions.

  • No. You will not receive any credits of bonus points for participation or completion.

  • No. There is no charge for taking one of the Voluntary Summer Courses.

  • No. The Erasmus School of Economics does not permit the use of graphing calculators, so you are not permitted to use them when taking the course.

  • Emails with requests and questions are usually answered within 24 hours during workdays, although it may occasionally take two to three working days before you receive a response.