This is a glossary composed by the Erasmus School of Economics. The official glossary that is related to the programme of the Voluntary Summer Courses is also available as download (pdf).


English explanation

Nederlandse verklaring



cartesian plane    

 platte vlak






The lower part of a fractionnoemer


The set of input values for which the function is defineddomein




 ontbinden in factoren

greatest common divisor       

For example: the greatest common divisor of 4 and 6 is equal to 2. The greatest common divisor of and is equal togrootste gemeenschappelijke deler

intersection of sets

Notation: ∩. Everything that is in both setsde 'doorsnede' van verzamelingen

intersection interval

 overlappend domein

least common multiple

For example: the least common multiple of 4 and 6 is equal to 12. The least common multiple of  and is equal to

kleinste gemeenschappelijke veelvoud


Another notation for clog. For example: log2 8 = 2log 8 = 3, since 23 = 8 


The upper part of a fractionteller







A quarter of a circle, for example: between 0 and 0.5π is the first quadrantkwart van een cirkel, dus bijvoorbeeld van 0 tot 0.5π is het eerste kwadrant


nth root. .nde wortel


The set of all output values produced by a functionbereik

rational number         

Number that can be made by dividing two integers. m/n 

rational expression

 een formule/functie met een breuk er in

rationalize the denominator  

Rewrite the fraction without a radical or root in the denominator.herschrijf de breuk zodanig dat er geen wortelteken meer in de noemer staat

real number

Element of the set ℝ.reëel getal


For example:  x = 2 is a root of  f(x) = x² + x - 6 since f(2) = 0wortel, oplossing

simplified radical form

For example: the simplified radical form of √45 is equal to 3√5 . 


The slope or gradient of a line describes its steepness, incline, or grade. It is defined as the ratio of the altitude change to the horizontal distance between any two points on the line

helling, richtings-coëfficient

solve for z

Rewrite the given expression, such that it start with. For example: solved for is equal to. Please note that it might also refer to specific values. In that case you have to find the rootsnulpunten



union interval


totale domein

union of sets

Notation: U. Everything that is in one of both setsde 'vereniging' van verzamelingen

vertex of a parabola

 top (of dal) van een parabool

write as exponential expression  

For example:  √x can be written as x^(½) 


The x-intercept of a line or a graph is where the line touches (intercepts) the x-axissnijpunt met de x-as


The y-intercept of a line or a graph is where the line touches (intercepts) the y-axissnijpunt met de y-as


For example: x = 2 is a root of  f(x) = x² + x -6 since f(2) = 0nulpunt, oplossing