Students from Erasmus School of Economics - (pre-)master requirements

On this page you can find all information regarding the requirements to successfully apply to one of our Master or Pre-master programmes. In the table below you can see which (pre-)master programmes are accessible with your bachelor diploma. A finished bachelor or Pre-master programme is required in order to be admissible to a (pre-)master programme.

However, in order to limit study delay as a result of the corona measures as much as possible, the School's Programme Management in consultation with the Examination Board has established custom regulations:

The application period runs from 1 June (12:00 CET) until 1 August.

Additional information for non-EEA students can be found at the bottom of this page.

General application procedure

To apply you have to complete two steps:

  1. Register in Studielink
    Click here for more information about how to register correctly in Studielink. Please make sure you have a registration in Studielink before continuing with the rest of the application procedure.
  2. After registering in Studielink you will receive an automatic generated email with the link to the EUR Admissions Portal where you need to finalize your application. In the Portal, you have the possibility to upload supporting documents (e.g. thesis statement, dispensation request). Make sure you have your ERNA username and password ready. You will need your login details to enter the EUR Admissions Portal.

Specialisation Data Science and Marketing Analytics

The Economics and Business specialisation Data Science and Marketing Analytics has a limited number of places available. For the academic year 2020-2021 there are 80 places available for applicants with a bachelor diploma of Erasmus School of Economics.

Places are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. When assigning places, the moment the application digitally arrives at Erasmus School of Economics via the Erasmus Admissions Portal is taken into account. The application period starts 1 June, (Dutch local time). When applying, you are asked to indicate a second preferred specialisation. Students who cannot get a place in Data Science and Marketing Analytics will be reviewed for their second choice.

Please note: If you were previously, or are currently enrolled for the master Economics and Business it is not possible to apply for the specialisation Data Science and Marketing Analytics.

Outcome application for Data Science and Marketing Analytics

Once a week applicants are informed whether they are one of the first 80 applicants or if they have been placed on the waiting list.

In case you are one of the first 80 applicants, but your application is not complete (missing grades or missing thesis statement), your application will be put on hold. You will keep your place until your application is complete, but ultimately until 15 August 2020. If your application is incomplete on 15 August, your place for Data Science and Marketing Analytics will be cancelled and you will be reviewed for your second preferred specialisation.

A cancellation, being voluntary or involuntary, cannot be reversed.

In case you have a place on the waiting list, we will inform you about your rank number. Your application will be reviewed for your second preferred specialisation. If a place for Data Science and Marketing Analytics becomes available, the first student on the waiting list will be approached.

When the waiting list is full, we will close the application possibility for the specialisation Data Science and Marketing Analytics.

Which programmes can you apply for?

In the matrix below you can see for which (pre-)master programme you can apply with your Erasmus School of Economics bachelor's degree.


Accounting, Auditing 
and Control 

Economics and Business Economics 

and Management 

Fiscale Economie

BSc Economie en Bedrijfseconomie/IBEB





BSc Econometrie en Operationele Research/ 
Econometrics and Operations Research





BSc² Econometrics/ Economics





BSc Fiscale Economie





* Only if preparation courses are passed during bachelor's programme.

Students who have completed their pre-master programme can apply for the contiguous master's programme.

Thesis statement

If you have not finished at least 50% of your bachelor thesis before the application deadline of 1 August (or if your grade is not registered before this deadline), but you will finish at least 50% of your thesis by 31 August 2020, you can ask your thesis supervisor to write a Thesis Statement. This statement declares that you will have finished at least 50% of your thesis successfully by 31 August 2020 at the latest. Your thesis supervisor can download the Thesis Statement form from the website for employees. You can upload a scan or photo of the filled in Thesis Statement with your online application. The Examination Board will check in November 2020 whether your thesis grade is registered in Osiris. If not, you will not be able to register for master examinations after 1 November. Do not hand in your Thesis Statement separately, but upload it with your online application form

Request for dispensation

Students who almost meet the requirements can file a request for dispensation from the entry requirements. The request for dispensation should contain the following elements:

  • The number of credits you have not passed
  • The name(s) of the course(s) you have not passed
  • Your study planning for the upcoming year, including the course(s) you have not passed
  • The reason for not meeting the requirements
  • Your motivation why the Examination Board should grant you admission to the master's programme
  • If you refer to events you will have to include proof of that event

Important information for non-EEA students

Non-EU students who currently do not hold a valid study permit for the Netherlands need to apply before 1 June by sending their information to This applies, for example, to students who took a gap year after bachelor graduation. For students who apply after 1 June, it can not be guaranteed the visa procedure is completed in time.

Application closed

The application procedure for the academic year 2020-2021 closed on 1 August 2020. If you still need to apply, you can follow the late registration procedure until 23 August 2020 against payment of €20,-.