Certified documents

If you are admissible, you will have to finalise your application by submitting certified copies of your original diploma and transcript via the Certified Documents Portal.

When a certified copy is required, a regular copy is not accepted. A certified copy of your diploma and transcript needs to be in colour and contains an original signature and an original stamp. A regular photocopy is not sufficient. The photocopy itself needs to be certified. A certified copy can be made by your university, a notary, a sworn translator or at a City Hall.

How to make a certified copy:

  1. The university official/notary/translator makes a photocopy in colour of the original diploma and transcript.
  2. The university official/notary/translator verify that the photocopy is true and an unaltered copy from the original document by signing and stamping the photocopy in coloured ink (not black or grey).  
  3. The photocopy now contains a new and original coloured signature and stamp in additional to possible photocopied signatures and stamps that were present on the original document.
  4. Scan the certified copies and submit them in the Certified Documents Portal

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