English proficiency exemptions

Reasons for exemption from an English test are:

  • You have obtained your diploma in one of the following countries: Australia, Canada (with the exception of Quebec), Ireland, New Zealand, South-Africa, United Kingdom (with the exception of commonwealth countries and territories) and United States of America.
  • English was your first language during your secondary school education for at least 2,5 years in one of the above mentioned countries.
  • You have obtained a Dutch VWO diploma in the Netherlands and English was one of your exam subjects.
  • You have obtained Dutch four year HBO diploma in the Netherlands including an English language course.

Please note: The Examination Board makes the final decision on granting you an exemption for the English language test based on the above mentioned criteria. Erasmus School of Economics does not offer any preparatory English courses.

An American university in a country that is not mentioned in the list above does not grant you exemption.

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