Frequently asked questions

On this page you can find the most frequently asked questions regarding an application for a master or pre-master programme.

  • No, applicants with an international diploma do not need to submit a GMAT or GRE test. These tests reports will not be taken into consideration even if the applicant took part in one of these or similar tests.

  • No, Erasmus School of Economics only accepts the internetbased TOEFL test or IELTS academic. Any other type of test will not be taken into consideration. 

  • No, only if the applicant meets one of the requirements mentioned on the exemption website will exemption be granted. Exchange semesters, internships and work experience are not taken into consideration for exemption from the English proficiency test.

  • No, the application needs to be complete before it is submitted via our online application form. It is not possible to submit any of the required documents at a later date. This requires the applicant to make sure a test date is found on time so that the test scores are available before the application deadline. 

  • No, Erasmus School of Economics understands you wish to know your chances of admission but it is not possible to assess each applicant before an application is submitted. To get an indication of the possibility of admission please compare your previous education to the curriculum of our bachelor’s degree programmes as is mentioned on our website. This gives you an insight in whether the content of your programme is equivalent to that of one of Erasmus School of Economics bachelor programmes. Only after an application was submitted will the examination board review your entire application and assess matters such as equivalence in level, content and English proficiency. *

* No rights can be derived from an applicant’s personal estimation. The examination board reviews each applicant on an individual basis.