Required statistical knowledge for Accounting, Auditing and Control

To be successful in the master’s degree programme Accounting, Auditing and Control  you are required to have a broad background in accounting, finance and economics. In addition, we also expect you to have a basic knowledge of statistics. Topics you should be familiar with include:

  • Variables of chance, probability density function, probability distribution function
  • Expectation, variance, standard deviation, skewness
  • Normal distributions
  • Estimating sample means, statistical significance, confidence intervals
  • Testing for differences in sample means
  • Univariate and multivariate linear regression model
  • Analyzing regression statistics: coefficients, t-statistics, R2
  • Multi-collinearity

To check whether your knowledge of statistics meets our standards, please take this quiz:

Please note: The outcome of this quiz does not affect or increase your chances of admission. It is only meant as an indication whether you have the required statistical knowledge which is a prerequisite for this master degree programme. No rights can be derived from the outcome of this quiz.