Erasmus Trustfonds Scholarship 2024-2025

This scholarship is designed full-time first-year master students with excellent results, both from EEA and non-EEA countries. The scholarship amounts to a maximum of € 15.000 for prospective master students for the year 2024-2025. Students who wish to apply for this scholarship, need to meet specific requirements. Not only ESE students, but also students from other faculties can apply for this scholarship.

The Erasmus Trustfonds Scholarship is not applicable to current ESE pre-master or master students.


  • Must have never been enrolled before as a full degree master student at an educational institution in the Netherlands. However, it is allowed that a student has followed a pre-master programme before at the Erasmus School of Economics and is going to pursue a master programme at the Erasmus School of Economics in the academic year 2024-2025.
  • Must be admitted to one of the following programmes*:
    • Master Accounting, Auditing and Control
    • Master Econometrics and Management Science
    • Master Economics and Business
  • Must have registered for one of the above-mentioned master programmes at Erasmus School of Economics in Studielink, as well as having submitted the application documents in the EUR Application Portal before 1 March (current ESE pre-master studentens can contact us for their application procedure) in order to be considered for the scholarship.
  • Must have achieved excellent study results during his/her previous bachelor programme. This means an average final result of at least grade 8.5 on a grading scale of 1-10.
  • Must be able to demonstrate the reason why this scholarship will enlarge his/her opportunity to study at Erasmus School of Economics by including a detailed financial statement, describing your financial situation and how you plan to finance your studies (i.e. cover your tuition fee payment), in case you will receive the Erasmus Trustfonds Scholarship.
  • Must have completed the immigration application before 15 May. Completing the immigration procedure entails having submitted the immigration application documents, as well as having transferred the remaining tuition fee + remaining part of the living fee deposit + the IND handling fee before 15 May. For more information, please see the section ‘Amount and payment’ below and the website on immigration procedures for prospective students.
  • Must eventually be enrolled no later than 1 September of the academic year for which the scholarship is being requested.

Terms and conditions

The applicant granted the Erasmus Trustfonds Scholarship should be aware that it applies to only one academic year, and he/she can only receive the scholarship once.

The scholarship will only be awarded when the applicant will start with the same programme for which he/she has applied and for which the applicant has received admission. Switching programmes after being awarded a scholarship is not possible.

The number of applications each year exceeds the number of available scholarships. No rights can therefore be derived when the above-mentioned minimum application criteria are met. 

To be able to provide as many applicants with a scholarship, only 1 type of scholarship will be awarded to 1 applicant. This means you may apply for multiple scholarships; however, a combination of multiple scholarships will not be awarded. 

Erasmus School of Economics reserves the right to withdraw the offer for the Erasmus Trustfonds Scholarship if the applicant fails to comply with the terms and conditions.

Amount and payment

The Erasmus Trustfonds Scholarship amount of a maximum of € 15.000. The scholarship is split into multiple parts:

  • The tuition fee will be waived, both for students paying the statutory fee or the institutional fee. For EEA/EU students, the tuition fee would have been €2.530. For non-EEA/EU students, the tuition fee would have been €16.900. For non-EEA/EU students, €2.530 of the tuition fee will be waived through the scholarship, the residual of €14.370 will be paid by the School.
  • Living allowance equal to €1.000 per month, so €12.000 for one academic year.
  • Personal allowance equal to €260 will be granted once.
  • The immigration fee (if applicable) equal to €210 will be waived.

This means, should you be awarded with an Erasmus Trustfonds Scholarship, only the living allowance and personal allowance will be transferred to your account. The tuition fee and immigration fee will only be waived.

Application procedure

To apply for the Erasmus Trustfonds Scholarship, you need to prepare the following documents: 

  • Motivation letter: stating your motivation to study at Erasmus School of Economics, showing evidence of being an excellent student and demonstrating why the scholarship would expand the opportunity to study at Erasmus School of Economics (max. two A4).
  • Financial statement: describing your financial situation and the reason and need to receive the scholarship. 
  • Budget plan (pdf): overview explaining how you plan to finance your studies in case you will receive the Erasmus University
  • Certified copy of your (most recent) academic transcript.
  • Certified statement from your educational institution confirming your obtained GPA. The GPA template document below be used for this. You can also a statement provide by your home University, but it is important that this statement contains the same information as our standard statement.

Once you have gathered all the required information, you can submit your application online via Osiris student.

You can find a detailed overview in 'How to apply for a scholarship in Osiris' (pdf).

Application closed

The scholarship application process has closed. The application process was open from 1 November 2023 until 1 March 2024. Please note that scholarship applications received – or incomplete – after the deadline, will not be considered. All of the applications received by our office will be reviewed after 1 March 2024.

All applicants will be officially informed via e-mail about the outcome of their scholarship application. If you are awarded the Erasmus Trustfonds Scholarship, you will receive further details in the nomination email. All emails will be sent on 15 April 2024.

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