Holland Scholarship Erasmus University

The application deadline passed on 1st February!

The Holland Scholarship is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, and Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences. The scholarship is meant for prospective international bachelor and master students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) who want to pursue a bachelor or a master degree in Holland. The EEA consists of the EU countries and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.


  • The applicant’s nationality is non-EEA;
  • The applicant has never before studied at an educational institution in the Netherlands;
  • The applicant must be selected for one of the following programmes:
    • Bachelor International Econometrics and Operations Research
    • Bachelor International Economics and Business Economics
    • Bachelor BSc² Econometrics/Economics
  • Or admitted to one of the following programmes:
    • Master Accounting, Auditing and Control
    • Master Econometrics and Management Science
    • Master Economics and Business
  • The applicant must have achieved excellent study results during his/her prior education. This means an average final result of at least grade 8.5 (or the equivalent) on a grading scale of 1-10, during their prior education. For these purposes, prior education means:
    • for prospective bachelor students: secondary education
    • for prospective master students: the previous bachelor study
  • The applicant must send in a complete bachelor or master application before 1 February 2019;
  • The applicant must be able to demonstrate the reason why this scholarship will enlarge his/her opportunity to study at Erasmus School of Economics by including a detailed financial statement/budget plan in which it is explained how the applicant is going to support him/herself for the tuition fee, the living expenses (estimated € 900 per month), and health insurance, taking into account that 1 student will only be awarded with 1 type of financial support.
  • The applicant must participate in the mathematics test in either February or March 2019, if found math deficient during the bachelor application procedure (only applicable to prospective bachelor students);
  • The applicant must have completed the immigration application before 15 May 2019. Completing the immigration procedure entails having submitted the immigration application documents, as well as having transferred the tuition fee + the remaining part of the deposit of livings costs (€ 5.800) + IND handling fee (€ 171) before the 15th of May. For more information, please see the section ‘amount and payment’ below and the website on immigration procedures for prospective students.


The scholarship will only be rewarded when the applicant will start with the same programme for which he/she has applied and for which the applicant has received admission. Switching programmes after being awarded a scholarship is not possible.

All applicants are to be aware that the number of applicants each year exceeds the number of available scholarships. No rights can therefore be derived when the above mentioned minimum application criteria are met. In addition, to be able to provide as many applicants with a scholarship/partial waiver, only 1 type of scholarship will be awarded to 1 applicant. Hence, a combination of multiple scholarships will not be awarded. 

Erasmus School of Economics reserves the right to withdraw the offer for the Holland Scholarship Programme if the applicant fails to comply with the above mentioned terms and conditions.

Amount and payment

The scholarship amount of € 5.000 will be received by the student in the first year of studies in two separate payments: November 2019 and February 2020. The Holland Scholarship cannot be used as a reduction on tuition fee but can be used as part of the required money deposit for the immigration procedure (living costs). This means, should you be awarded a Holland Scholarship, you are to transfer your tuition fee in full + remaining deposit for the cost of living (€ 10.800 – € 5.000 Holland Scholarship = € 5.800) + IND handling fee (€ 171) before the 15th of May 2019.

Application procedure

The application deadline passed on 1st February!