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of Erasmus School of Economics

One of the character traits that define Rotterdam students is their high level of activity and that they are not afraid to work hard. They are actively involved in all sorts of consulting associations and often have on the side jobs as student assistants to professors or in the administrative division of the school. Their contribution keeps the school on their toes and allows them to incorporate the students’ opinions, while developing themselves and gaining work experience.

The character of the students is also represented in the presence of the active school and study associations. These associations organise both formal and informal events, in close collaboration with Erasmus School of Economics, to contribute to the professional and social development of Erasmus School of Economics' students. The following study associations are connected to Erasmus School of Economics

Erasmus School of Economics has the following study associations: 

  • ECE Students- the official entrepreneurial study association for master students in Strategy Economics and student entrepreneurs of the EUR.

  • EFR -  School association of Erasmus School of Economics for Economics and Business Economics students
  • FAECTOR - School association of Erasmus School of Economics for Econometric and Operations Research students
  • R.F.V. Christiaanse-Taxateur - Study association of Erasmus University Rotterdam for Tax Economics and Tax Law students
  • In Duplo - Study association of Erasmus University Rotterdam for students who combine the studies Law and Economics/Business Administration
  • AEclipse - Study association for master students in Policy Economics, International Economics and Economics of Markets and Organisations at Erasmus School of Economics.  
  • FSR -  Study association for students interested in (Quantitative) Finance, Consultancy, Accounting and Controlling at Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • MAEUR - Marketing study association of Erasmus School of Economics
  • Saber - Study association for master students in Behavioural Economics
  • Transito - Study association for master students in Urban, Port & Transport Economics

Below you can find more information about each study association.

ECE Students

Empowering Creative Enterprise

We are the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship Students (ECE Students), Erasmus University Rotterdam’s official entrepreneurial association. Since our establishment in 2013, our mission has been to empower aspiring founders and student entrepreneurs to achieve more in their creative journeys, while spreading entrepreneurial thinking on the EUR campus. We unite a diverse group of people who seek to contribute to the innovative and entrepreneurial scene in the city of Rotterdam.

We do this by organising a wide variety of events and programmes, like our very own programme for student founders and various ideation days and innovation challenges. If you are a student with an interest in entrepreneurship, regardless of the stage of your start-up, you can come to us in order to gain access to our network, resources and community of like-minded individuals. Our community base has grown substantially over the years, and we are happy to welcome you to our network.

Should you want to challenge yourself in the upcoming year, we also hire active members in order to facilitate our mission. We encourage our members to take full ownership of their projects and to experiment with new initiatives through the association’s ‘lean’ organization, where all events and initiatives are executed as collaborative team projects. We differentiate ourselves by the autonomy our members are given – just like they would in a start-up environment. We are excited to see you soon, feel free to come by our offices should you have any questions! (H16-09, H16-11).
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Meet Your Ambition

EFR is the recognised school association of Erasmus School of Economics. Each year, EFR organises various activities and events for students of Erasmus School of Economics, as well as other students of the Erasmus University. EFR aims to add as much value as possible for students within the four pillars: education, orientation, development and network.

Within these pillars, EFR offers a complete package of events and services for all students with an interest in economics. EFR's mission is to bridge the gap between theory and practice. The association helps you prepare for the labour market by bringing you in touch with you future employer and invite inspiring speakers to the university.

Amongst others, EFR organises recrtuiment events like the EFR Master Career Week and Erasmus Recruitment Days. Furthermore, there are inspirational events like the World Leader Cycle Award (with Francois Hollande and Ban Ki-Moon as most recent recipients), the EFR/EenVandaag Election Debate and the EFR Inspiration Days.

With over 7000 members, EFR is one of the most active and most professional study associations of the Netherlands. You can become a member of our association and/or join one of our events.
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Where ambition meets reality

FAECTOR is an official school association of Erasmus School of Economics. With over 1900 members FAECTOR is the largest and most prestigious association for econometrics students worldwide. FAECTOR enriches the student experience of all econometricians in the broadest sense of the word, through its three pillars: social, education and career.

Through the social pillar FAECTOR's members form lifelong friendships with their fellow students. FAECTOR brings econometricians of all ages together at events like our famous After Exam Drinks, parties and trips abroad. With educational events, FAECTOR broadens and deepens students’ knowledge and skills related to the field of econometrics.

At successful career events like the Econometric Career Days, Business Trip, Quantitative Finance Tour and Find Your Match, many of FAECTOR's students get the chance to orient themselves and meet their future employer.

FAECTOR organises these projects together with over 80 committee members. Becoming one of them and joining a committee at FAECTOR is the perfect opportunity to develop yourself professionally and socially!
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R.F.V. Christiaanse-Taxateur

R.F.V. Christiaanse-Taxateur (CT) is the recognised study association of Erasmus School of Economics for the study of tax economics. Throughout the academic year, CT organises various events, both formal and informal, such as the Tax Business Day, Tax Jurisprudence Programme, study trip, inhouse days, sport activities and monthly social drinks.

In addition, CT provides exam trainnigs for the tax subjects and sells study books with a discount. All students of the bachelor and master degrees in tax economics ánd tax law are more than welcome to join these events. CT aims to establish a link between theory and practice, bridge the gap between student life and the business sector, and to bring students from tax economics and tax law together.

Christiaanse-Taxateur is the largest and most prestigious tax study association in the Netherlands, with approximately 900 members and 12 different committees. As a tax economics student, you can become a member of CT and even join one of our committees. The board of CT is excited to see you at the events, social drinks or in one if its offices (J5-01 and L0.06).
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Erasmus School of Economics

In Duplo

A tale of two studies

In Duplo is a study association connected with the Erasmus School of Economics, the Erasmus School of Law and the Rotterdam School of Management. In Duplo supports ambitious students at the Erasmus University Rotterdam who combine a study in Law with a study in Economics or Business Administration. By organizing social events, career events and professional skills classes, In Duplo provides an enjoyable student experience and a professional environment.

Membership of In Duplo comes with all the advantages like book sales, social drinks and in-house days. In Duplo's purpose is to support and connect its double bachelor students and to have them discover and expand their skillset. This is achieved by hosting committees, organising inclusive events and having bright speakers.

In Duplo is also expanding on her societal impact by helping non-profit organizations and foundations with charity consulting. If In Duplo has grabbed your interest you can add on the society by becoming a member, joining a committee or attending one of the many events. Make sure to follow In Duplo's social media pages, to keep up to date with the latest news and developments.
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AEclipse Board


For Future Economists.

AEclipse is home to all students of the School's master programmes Economics of Sustainability, Policy Economics, International Economics, Economics of Markets and Organisations as well as 3rd year bachelor students.

Throughout the year, AEclipse organises a variety of events, ranging from academic lectures and panels to professional workshops and social drinks. Some of the largest events AEclipse facilitates are the National Economic Olympiad (NEO), the Economist Week, and the famous International Research Project (IRP). Every year, AEclipse collaborates with many partners which allows the organization of events with multi-national organizations like the OECD, the EU Commission or the Dutch Development Bank (FMO).

Our mission is to provide you with the necessary tools to make the most of your academic year by supporting you in every aspect of your student life whilst preparing you for your future career. If you are looking for an association next to your studies that connects professionalism and dedication with a family like atmosphere and plenty of social drinks, then reach out to us at any time. We are excited to get to know you!
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Kickstart your career

The Financial Study association Rotterdam (FSR) is the study association for students interested in (Quantitative) Finance, Consultancy, Accounting and Controlling at Erasmus University Rotterdam, both at Erasmus School of Economics and Rotterdam School of Management. 

Each year, FSR organises various prestigious activities like the International Banking Cycle, International Research Project, Corporate Finance Competition, Financial Business Cycle and the Private Equity Conference. Other activities include workshops, company visits, study trips and company drinks.

Additionally,  FSR helps professors to arrange guest speakers for their courses. FSR organises these activities for its 3200 members interested in finance and/or accounting. To make these events possible, FSR has partnerships with over 100 companies in several sectors.

The goal of FSR is to create a link between theory - as taught at university - and the versatile financial world in practice. Events of FSR are always of high quality because of its professional approach. This ensures that FSR's members get the opportunity to easily find their way into the corporate world.

Participation in one of FSR's events helps its members to make the right decision at the start of their professional career.
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Make marketing happen!

MAEUR is the recognised marketing study association of Erasmus School of Economics. MAEUR's events allow any student who is interested in marketing to be more familiar with the field, and to create more well-rounded marketeers from Erasmus’ (marketing) students.

MAEUR does this with a variety of professional events throughout the year, which connect students to professionals on the forefront of all areas of marketing. Aside from this, MAEUR has social events – such as  drink on every first Wednesday of the month – workshops, trainings, and Inhousedays for its members.

MAEUR's mission is to provide a springboard where students can put theory to practice, expand their network, and improve their skills for the future, all while being part of a diverse and fun community of like-minded students. Want to take control of the most exciting and relevant marketing events on campus? Join one of MAEUR’s committees!
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Erasmus School of Economics


Our behavior depends on our decisions, not on our circumstances

Saber is a study association that was founded by students of the behavioural economics master at Erasmus School of Economics. Also nowadays the members of our study association mainly consist of students from this Master, however it is open for everyone interested in behavioural economics and its applications in the business world.

Our goal is to link the academic and business worlds together and provide a complete package of events and services for our students that enable them to make this link. Examples for that are pub lectures given by professors to get a better understanding of their research, and Inhouse Days at companies that use behavioural economics in their everyday work. We also have other social events, of course, which have the aim to connect the students, such as pub crawls, social drinks or study trips.

In addition to that, we have an alumni network of previous members and give current students the opportunity to get in touch with them in order to gain an understanding of possible jobs and employers after the Master.

Overall, we strive to connect students interested in behavioural economics and promote our Master programme at Erasmus School of Economics. SABER is entirely managed by students for students.
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Erasmus School of Economics


Gateway to a moving world

Transito is the Study Association for the MSc Urban, Port & Transport Economics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The association is completely organised by students and has the aim to offer a glance at the world behind the studies. Transito offers a lot to current students of UPTE. There are a lot of social activities going on during the year.

Finally, Transito helps students build their career, organising various events and providing them with information about all the interesting career opportunities. Furthermore, Transito takes relations with leading companies seriously through linking our promising students to the best companies in the fields they want to start their career in. These fields range from urban management or city marketing to logistics or maritime economics.

Whatever your companies’ core-business is, our students have added value. The curriculum delivers critical broad-viewed economists with an edge on urban development, logistical problems and port-related issues.

We offer a recruitment event in which we link your company to students through speed-dates. Finally, Transito helps UPTE alumni to stay in touch with their classmates long after graduation. We not only organise regular activities for Alumni, but have also started a new Gateway initiative aimed to increase cooperation between alumni
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