Study advisers

Welcome to the page of the study advisers. The study advisers are the first point of contact for students and prospective students of the school. They can give advice and guidance in a wide range of questions and problems.

How can you reach us?

You can reach us during the open consultation hour, the telephone hour or by email.

Open consultation hour (10 min)

During the open hour, you are welcome to ask your questions. The open hour also serves as intake or introduction for a possible follow-up appointment. If necessary, you will be given instructions during the open hour how to make an appointment. If you are coming for the open consultation hour, please check yourself in at the Information desk, E-building ground floor.

Telephone hour (10 min)

If you are not able to come to the open hour, you can contact us during the telephone hour. For the contact by phone, please call the Information desk at 010-4081380.

Appointment (30 min)

You can only make an appointment when you would like to discuss how your personal circumstances influence your studies, and you expect this conversation will exceed 10 minutes of time. For any other topic you would like to discuss, please come and meet us at the open consultation hour.

Email: you can send us an email for short questions. Please send an email from your student account and mention your full name and student number in your email. For general questions you can contact the Information desk.

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Open hours (10 mins)






Telephone hours






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Contact by email

Changes in the availability of the study advisers

Date             ChangeReason     

*Please note there can be daily changes in the availability of the team of Study advisers and the Information desk. There is a summer schedule for the summer and the university is closed on national holidays.

When to contact the study advisers?

You can contact us if you have any questions, or if you need guidance or advice during your studies; for example:

The study advisers also refer to: Erasmus Student Service Centre (ESSC) for questions related to registration and tuition fee. | Student counsellors for general questions about student loans housing, financial problems | University psychologists for mental health problems. | Career services for tools and skills you need to launch succesful job searches that will lead to fulfilling careers.

We comply with the code of conduct of the National Association of Study Advisers. If you have any questions concerning your privacy, feel free to ask us.