Study Programmes

  • Accounting, Auditing and Control

    This interactive master that covers all theoretical and practical aspects of collecting, using, and analysing financial data in organisations.
  • Analytics and Operations Research In Logistics

    This programme specialisation brings out the experts in logistics, supply chain management and workforce optimisation.
  • Behavioural Economics

    This programme provides you with the skills to optimise strategies and policies by including the framing and context that affect people’s choices.
  • Business Analytics and Quantitative Marketing

    This challenging programme teaches you how to use the most appropriate quantitative methods when solving business problems and conducting research.
  • Data Science and Marketing Analytics

    This programme focuses on the tools and skills that are needed to analyse Big Data in modern businesses and turn it into meaningful insights.
  • Double bachelor BSc² in Econometrics and Economics

    This programme provides you with an understanding of how economics works, and gives you access to methods for analysing economics problems.
  • Double bachelor in Econometrics and Philosophy of Econometrics

    This is a unique opportunity to study current economic issues from both mathematical and philosophical angles.
  • Double bachelor in Economics and Philosophy of Economics

    In this programme you will learn to approach the field of economics from a different perspective by combining it with philosophy.
  • Dubbelstudie Economie en Recht

    Dubbele bachelor en master in Economie en Recht: Vind je economie en rechten interessant, kun je niet kiezen: Bekijk de opleiding.
  • Econometrics

    Econometrics provides you with in-depth knowledge of econometric theory and skills to use quantitative techniques and empirical econometric analysis.

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