Health Economics

Facts and figures


MSc in Economics and Business
dr. T.G.M. van Ourti
Full Time (1 year)

Health Economics

The Master’s specialisation in Health Economics aims to provide students with the concepts and quantitative skills necessary to face the 21st Century challenges in the health sector like ever-rising health care costs, population aging and rapid advances in medical technology.

Why Health Economics?

  • This is a monodisciplinary economics programme that aims to provide students with concepts and tools of economic and econometric analysis of health care, including the analysis of the peculiar functioning of health care markets and the economic evaluation of health care programmes and interventions.
  • The programme is taught by researchers from the health economics group of Erasmus School of Economics and the Institute for Health Policy and Management.
  • The programme has a good reputation in the health business community and will prepare you for health economist’s positions in the private and public sector.
  • Recently, the Journal of Health Economics ranked Erasmus University Rotterdam as one of the leading health economics research centers in the world and as the most productive centre of mainland Europe.

What our students say

'Studying at one of the leading centers in health economics research in Europe has been a great experience for me. The programme offers a well balanced curriculum with theoretical and quantitative courses.
The faculty and staff were always very supportive and motivating. I enjoyed the most working with groups. Thesis writing has been a true learning experience. Currently, I’m working for a global health care consultancy.'

Evie Merinopoulou