New working papers

Recent and forthcoming publications

  • Neelsen, S, Limwattananon, O O’Donnell, E van Doorslaer (2019). Universal health coverage: A (social insurance) job half done? World Development, 113 (2019) 246–258.
  • Van Baal, P, M Perry-Duxbury, P Bakx, M Versteegh, E van Doorslaer, W Brouwer (2018). Estimating a k-threshold for the Netherlands based on the marginal returns of cardiovascular hospital spending. Health Economics, 2018, 1-14.
  • Bago d’Uva, T, O O’Donnell and E van Doorslaer (2018). Who can predict their own demise? Heterogeneity in the accuracy and value of longevity expectations, Journal of the Economics of Ageing.
  • Bom, J, P Bakx, E Schut, E van Doorslaer (2018). Informal caregiving, a healthy decision? A systematic review of the impact of providing informal care on the health of the caregiver. The Gerontologist.
  • Bonfrer, I, E Van de Poel, E Gustaffson-Wright, E van Doorslaer (2018). Voluntary Health Insurance in Nigeria: Effects on Takers and Non-Takers. Social Science and Medicine 205 (2018) 55–63.
  • Chang AY, Riumallo Herl C., and Verguet S. (2018). The equity impact vaccines may have on averting deaths and medical impoverishment in developing countries. Health Affairs 37 (2) 2018.
  • Galama, T.J., and H. van Kippersluis (2018). A Theory of Socioeconomic Disparities in Health over the Life Cycle. The Economic Journal.
  • García-Gómez P. and Gielen A. (2018) Mortality effects of containing moral hazard: evidence from disability insurance reform. Health Economics, 2018, 27(3): 606-621.
  • García-Gómez P., Mora T. and Puig-Junoy J. (2018). Does 1€ per prescription make a difference? Impact of a capped low-intensity pharmaceutical co-payment. Applied Health Economics and Health Policy, 16(3): 407-414. 
  • Van Gestel, R., Mueller, T., & Bosmans, J. (2018). Learning from failure in healthcare: dynamic panel evidence of a physician shock effect. Health Economics.
  • Haal, K, A Smith, E van Doorslaer (2018). The rise and fall of mortality inequality in South Africa in the HIV era, Social Science and Medicine – Population Health, 5 (2018), 239-248.
  • Van Kippersluis, H. and C.A. Rietveld (2018). Beyond Plausibly Exogenous. The Econometrics Journal.
  • Koç H, O’Donnell O, Van Ourti T (2018). What explains education disparities in screening mammography in the United States? A comparison with the Netherlands. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 15(9), 1961.
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  • Ravesteijn, B, H van Kippersluis, E van Doorslaer (2018). The wear and tear on health: what is the role of occupation? Health Economics, 2018, 27, 2, e69-e86.
  • Raza W, Van de Poel E, Van Ourti T (2018). Impact and spill-over effects of an asset transfer program on child under malnutrition: Evidence from a randomized control trial in Bangladesh. Journal of Health Economics, 62, 105-120.
  • Riumallo-Herl C, Chang AY, Clark S, et al. (2018). Poverty reduction and equity benefits of introducing or scaling up measles, rotavirus and pneumococcal vaccines in low-income and middle-income countries: a modelling study. BMJ Global Health 2018;3:e000613.
  • Rossouw, L, T Bago d’Uva, E van Doorslaer (2018). Poor health reporting? Using anchoring vignettes to uncover health disparities by wealth and race, Demography, 2018, Volume 55, 5, 1935–1956.

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