• prof.dr. (Eddy) EKA van Van Doorslaer

    prof.dr. (Eddy) EKA van Van Doorslaer

    Holds a joint appointment as Professor of Health Economics at the Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management  and at the Department of Applied Economics of…
  • prof.dr. (Pilar) MP Garcia Gomez

    prof.dr. (Pilar) MP Garcia Gomez

    Pilar Garcia-Gomez is professor at the department of Applied Economics at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam. She obtained her PhD in Economics from Universitat…
  • prof.dr. (Hans) JLW van Kippersluis

    prof.dr. (Hans) JLW van Kippersluis

    Hans van Kippersluis is a Professor of Applied Economics. He has used both theoretical and empirical approaches to study topics in health and human capital…
  • prof.dr. (Owen) OA O'Donnell

    prof.dr. (Owen) OA O'Donnell

    Owen O'Donnell is Professor of Applied Economics in the Erasmus School of Economics. He is affiliated with the Erasmus School of Health Policy and Management,…
  • prof.dr. (Tom) TGM Van Ourti

    prof.dr. (Tom) TGM Van Ourti

    Tom Van Ourti is a professor of applied health economics with a focus on health and inequality. His research focuses on understanding the socio-economic health…


  • dr. (Teresa) TM Marreiros Bago d'Uva

    dr. (Teresa) TM Marreiros Bago d'Uva

    Teresa Bago d'Uva is Associate Professor of Health Economics. She obtained a PhD in Economics from the University of York in October 2006. Her main research…
  • dr. (Max) MH Coveney

    dr. (Max) MH Coveney

  • (Raf) R van Gestel

    (Raf) R van Gestel

  • dr. (Marine) MFM Hainguerlot

    dr. (Marine) MFM Hainguerlot

    I use behavioral experiments, surveys, and computational models to study people's beliefs. I am interested in both beliefs about ourselves and beliefs about the…
  • dr. (Bastian) B Ravesteijn

    dr. (Bastian) B Ravesteijn

  • dr. (Carlos) CJ Riumallo Herl

    dr. (Carlos) CJ Riumallo Herl

    Carlos Riumallo Herl is an Assistant Professor of Applied Economics. His research focuses on exploring the impact of policies on health in low and middle-income…

PhD candidates

  • (Rita) R Dias Pereira

    (Rita) R Dias Pereira

    My name is Rita and I was born in Portugal where I did my bachelor. I completed my master in economics in Mannheim University and at the moment I do my phD at…
  • (Diarmaid) DT O Ceallaigh

    (Diarmaid) DT O Ceallaigh

    Diarmaid has been working since September 2018 on a research project which seeks to design sustainable incentives to encourage preventive health behavior using…
  • (Vahid) V Moghani

    (Vahid) V Moghani

  • (Dilnoza) D Muslimova

    (Dilnoza) D Muslimova

  • (Wally) WQ Toh

    (Wally) WQ Toh

  • (Joaquim) J Vidiella Martin

    (Joaquim) J Vidiella Martin

    Joaquim Vidiella-Martin is a PhD Candidate at the Erasmus School of Economics and the Tinbergen Institute since September 2017. He holds a research masters in…
  • (Lisa) L Voois

    (Lisa) L Voois

    Lisa Voois is a PhD candidate at the Erasmus School of Economics and the Tinbergen Institute, supervised by Dr. Teresa Bago d'Uva and Prof. Dr. Eddy van…
  • (Elisa) EF de Weerd

    (Elisa) EF de Weerd

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