Economics of Markets and Organisations

MSc Economics and Business

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Organisations differ strongly in productivity. The programme allows you to have a positive impact at work by learning how market structure and organisational policies affect organisational performance

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Why study this programme?

This programme is ideal when you seek to gain insight into what drives human behaviour at work and how decisions affect organisational performance. Erasmus School of Economics is unique in harbouring a large group of active researchers in the field of Organisational Economics, who are dedicated to combine excellent research with lecturing skills that inspire and enthuse. This makes Erasmus School of Economics the place to be in Europe for studying a programme in this field.

Why this study programme?

Career prospectives

This gives you the skills required to provide sound advice to other organisations or actively shape and improve the structure and functioning of your organisation from a managerial position.

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Factsheet summary

Official CROHO name
M Economics and Business
Programme name
Economics of Markets and Organisations
Instruction language
1 year
Campus Woudestein, Rotterdam
Tuition fees (2021-2022)*
  • €2,168 (Statutory fee: Dutch / EEA students)
  • €12,300 (Institutional fee: Dutch / EEA students)
  • €15,600 (Institutional fee: non-EEA students)
  • * Everyone who studies in the academic year 2021-2022 will receive a €1,084 discount on the regular tuition fees mentioned above. This applies to both the statutory fee and the institutional fee (also for international students). Please visit for more information.
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