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Quantitative Finance
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Do you have strong mathematical and statistical skills and do you want to put them to use in the world of finance? Are you ambitious to safeguard our society by maintaining  the stability of the financial system, or are you eager to be involved in investment decisions on asset allocation with balancing profits, risk and the sustainable goals? The Quantitative Finance programme covers all main areas in finance and focuses on the econometric methods and skills that provide crucial quantitative support in financial decision-making processes.

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Are math, statistics, and econometrics your thing? Does the financial industry appeal to you? Would you like to enable investors to make better decisions? Whether your interests concern long-term asset allocation decisions made by pension funds, or daily risk management of investment portfolios held by asset-management firms, or automated trading algorithms employed by high-frequency traders, we can offer you an exciting and relevant programme.

The Master in Quantitative Finance has a technical focus. You will not only learn to apply state-of-the art methods, but also to understand their mathematical and statistical details. This knowledge prepares you to develop new methods yourself and to keep up with the fast developments in this field after graduation. Therefore we emphasise the importance of:

  • Strong quantitative and analytical skills in mathematics, statistics and econometrics
  • A genuine interest in financial-decision making problems
  • At least some experience with programming

Why study Quantitative Finance in Rotterdam?

This Quantitative Finance programme benefits from an excellent location: Rotterdam has long been the home of numerous headquarters and key offices of leading financial institutions and firms. Many of them feel a strong connection with Erasmus University and provide frequent guest lectures, interesting topics for the seminar Financial Case Studies, and research internships that can be combined with your master’s thesis. All courses are taught by renowned and active researchers who also have strong connections with the financial sector. This means that the curriculum is based on the latest developments and insights from both academic research in financial econometrics as well as the day-to-day business of firms in the industry. This interaction between theory and practice is a unique feature of the master in Quantitative Finance in Rotterdam.

Study Quantitative Finance at Erasmus School of Economics for:

  • An econometric approach to and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of finance
  • The skills to apply quantitative techniques and econometric models to complex financial problems and develop and apply new econometric solutions when required
  • A top-ranked and practice-based education
  • Renowned lecturers with an extensive network in the financial sector.
Portfolio management provides insight into the methods and theory on asset allocation, both shortterm and longterm.
The (team-) spirit, the skills and the kick-start into a successful career that this Master provides are unique.
Finishing this programme provides excellent career opportunities.

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