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Urban, Port and Transport Economics
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State of the art transport, logistics and modern cities are essential for a well-functioning economy. The Urban, Port and Transport Economics programme focuses on how to optimise these key elements of modern society. Our lecturers are actively involved in the latest developments in international economic research, consultancy and advice.

Through interactive lectures, challenging assignments and lively debates they will show you how to apply the appropriate methods – both qualitative and quantitative – when dealing with a wide range of real-life issues. How do we find smart ways to deal with congestion and pollution? How can we sustain operations under large disruptions? What role can city planning play in achieving productive cross fertilisation between all available sources of knowledge and enterprise? What is the future of ports in the logistics chain?

Our curriculum closely ties in with several sustainable development goals asking question such as: how do cities become sustainable, how to build resilient and sustainable infrastructure, or how to start the energy transition? The study of Urban, Port and Transport Economics teaches you to look at such important issues in a way that is both scientific and practicaI.

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    Is this the right choice for you?

    Are you fascinated by transport and its driving role in economic development? Do you enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city, where economic growth manifests itself? Are you eager to take on the challenges arising in spatial economies, such as city development, optimal logistical choices, growing spatial inequalities and rising trade flows? In that case Urban, Port and Transport Economics is the programme for you.

    Students that fit in well in this master programme:

    • are comfortable with quantitative approaches, (micro)economic applications and business cases,
    • realise they live in a spatial world, in which transport, trade flows and location choices matter,
    • are curious and interested in applied research questions and value the real-life approach to economic problems.

    Why study Urban, Port and Transport Economics in Rotterdam?

    High-quality education, providing practical experience in a small-scale setting, a buzzing city embraced by one of the most important ports in the world, an inspiring and international student body, alumni in top positions in business and government; Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam is the perfect place to study Urban, Port and Transport Economics.

    Study this programme for:

    • Solid knowledge of economics and management
    • Specialist insights into key issues of transport, logistics and urban development
    • The skills to take on real-life economic and logistics challenges
    • An integrative and personal approach in practice-based courses
    • A vast, active and relevant network with great job prospects.

    "This specialisation is as dynamic as its subjects"

    Are you eager to take on the challenges rising from the economic dynamics in the field of urban economics, logistics and transport? Acquire the right combination of knowledge and skills here. Read what our students have to say.

    Satisfaction! The programme Urban, Port and Transport Economics lived up to all my expectations of a masters specialization in economics.
    The programme brings much more than the name brings to mind, it offers a variety of courses that will serve as a perfect foundation for your career.

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