My Rotterdam: Let's talk about progress

Natascha Collins telling what she likes about Rotterdam
Thursday 23 Feb 2023, 13:45 - 17:00
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Erasmus Pavilion
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Drie armen die elkaar vasthouden en daarmee verbinding verbeelden. Elke arm staat op haar beurt voor een onderdeel wat de stad kenmerkt; de bebouwde omgeving, de mentaliteit en bedrijvigheid.
Bo Yuan

What do Rotterdammers find important in their city life? What goes well, and what can be improved? That is what Erasmus University Rotterdam investigated within the research project My City Rotterdam. Last year, the researchers talked to Rotterdammers from different neighbourhoods and different (social, cultural and economic) backgrounds. During this event, in collaboration with Rotterdam artists, we will creatively share the research results and invite you to think about how we can contribute to Rotterdam city life together.

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