ESSB MentorMe

The bridge between student life and working life

Would you like to give back to students currently enjoying their studies at ESSB? Then mentoring is a wonderful opportunity for you.

After successfully launching MentorMe with other EUR faculties, ESSB follows in their footsteps, starting a MentorMe pilot. 

ESSB MentorMe is a platform that connects current ESSB students with ESSB alumni through mentoring. It is designed to develop voluntary, one-on-one relationships with ESSB alumni to share knowledge and insights gained through the years. ​

​ As a Mentor, you give your Mentee (student) valuable career advice or just a sounding board for everyday things they encounter as a student. There is also the possibility for you as a mentor to receive support, guidance or learning from the experience of another mentor (Peer to peer mentoring). This is gives you the opportunity to expand your network and meet likeminded professionals.

The MentorMe platform is free of charge, with no costs for, students or alumni.

MentorMe (pilot)

ESSB will be running a MentorMe pilot programme from March to June 2023. Only master students can sign up to participate in this pilot. The mentoring programme goes live on 20 March 2023 and actively runs for one month, followed by an evaluation. During that month the Mentor and Mentee should have two to three conversations. When proven successful, the MentorMe programme will roll out in the new academic year, available to all ESSB students.

The goal is to start with a group of 30 Mentors.

Why join?

Benefits for students (mentee):

  • Tailored career support​
  • Help students navigate the job market ​
  • Increase your professional network ​
  • Build your self-confidence 

Benefits for the Alumni (mentor):

  • Creating impact by giving the next generation the advice you wish you’d had.
  • Strengthen your interpersonal relationship and coaching skills
  • Gain access to fresh ideas, fresh thinking and a fresh pool of potential future internship and job applicants
  • Receive support, guidance or learning from the experience of another mentor.( Peer to peer mentoring)
  • Expand your network and meet likeminded professionals

How does it work?

  1. Register as an alumnus (mentor) or student(mentee) by filling out the registration form below.
  2. Upon registration as a mentor, you will receive an invitation to create an account on the MentorMe platform.
  3. You can use your LinkedIn account to fill out your profile or add all information manually. You can indicate in your MentorMe account what type of advice you are willing to give.
  4. The actual mentoring pilot will run for one month, starting on Wednesday, 20 March 2023: make sure you have your profile ready by this date.
  5. Students (mentees) can connect with alumni (mentors) with a relevant profile. They can sign up as mentees. 
  6. Students may send you a request for a consultation call.   
  7. During the mentoring pilot, we ask you to commit to scheduling 2-3 consultation calls with students. Update your availability in the MentorMe platform; this will help students to book consultations only on times that you are available

Are you ready to share your knowledge and career experiences with the current ESSB students?

Then please sign up for the mentoring programme below, and you will receive an invitation to the MentorMe platform!

For questions please email

Sign up for the MentorMe programme

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